From the middle of insanity…



He’s still here!


My brain needs a disciplinary, as I can no longer make it behave the way I want it to.

Mind you, it must be contagious, for my laptop and tablet are exhibiting similar tendencies.

I have spent last evening, first with the laptop and then the tablet, trying to run through my emails from the comfort of my armchair.

The laptop was on a go-slow, so I switched to the tablet.

This annoying piece of crap decided not to respond at all. Patience personified, I kept trying, only for the battery to drain away faster than a chocolate teapot. Something it shouldn’t have been able to do, seeing as it wasn’t actually doing anything.


I can feel the day coming when I will take a hammer to the both of them, as I am not sure how much longer my brain can cope with these insanity-inducing contraptions.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t aware of all the wonderful things they can do. When in a good mood, of course.

But I ask you, is it asking too much to have a piece of equipment that actually does what it says on the tin?

We wouldn’t stand for such substandard performance from any other electrical object, so for all that’s Holy, do we put up with it?


The main desktop PC is not immune to such shenanigans, it’s just sneakier. Its favourite trick at the moment is ignoring whole sentences while I am busy typing them.

I get no warning, no sign that something has gone awry. The first I know about it is when I try to read the work back, only to find yawning great holes where parts of my story are missing.

I tell you, it is beginning to feel like a conspiracy…


On the bright side, and I do try to find this even on those grey days, nothing affects my pen and paper. Sometimes I am so glad that I can write, blissfully, as far away from technology as I can get. As happy as Larry, knowing that I am in total charge of the creative process.

So, to end on a much happier note, I must report that the mindset for the new WIP is firmly in place. I have enjoyed being away from all the technobabble so much, that I shall be doing a lot more of it!


©Jaye Marie 2020

A Conversation…


Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

A Conversation


I knew I had to say something.

I had been avoiding this conversation for a while now, but now was as good a time as any.

“Could you stop for a minute and listen to me?”

A silence descended in the room and I knew a pit of doom had just slid open somewhere. I decided to plough on and get it all off my chest.

“I need to know what your plans are. Do you actually have any, or are you planning on wandering through life until something interesting turns up?”


Had I picked the wrong moment after all, or was I being ignored?

While I waited for some kind of response, I started thinking of different ways to force the issue. Maybe it was time I stopped working, give up the constant battle to create something worthwhile on my own.


That idea was certainly appealing.

The silence was making my headache, the feeling of knowing I was on my own in this was depressing to say the least. I could feel myself getting angry. Angry enough to say something I would probably regret later.

I searched my frustrated brain for something, anything that might provoke an answer. I wanted to hurt or threaten to hurt but been there before and it never worked.

I knew I wouldn’t be spoken to until it was deemed necessary.

I was on my own, as always.

If I received an answer now, it would mean nothing, and I wouldn’t care one way or another…


©JayeMarie 2020


It’s lonely out here in the inter-ether…Talk to me people!


Undo… #Poetry



Image by M C from Pixabay 


In your blood

I have written your end

I am not death but

You know me

Yet cannot pronounce my name

I have circled the Universe with stars

So many, you cannot see them all

Their number is how long

Man shall remain on this planet

You are my children

My favourite toys

If I could start creation again

I would rewrite the end in your blood…

©anitadawes 2020

You couldn’t Make it Up!

This week is turning out to be a nightmare…

Yesterday, my web browser crashed. For no apparent reason, or not one I was aware of anyway. And usual, the first I wanted to do, was run for the hills. I find it impossible to think straight when something like this happens, so these days I don’t even try. I calmly walked away… and found somewhere quiet to pull my hair out.

All joking aside, I kind of knew I had to find another browser, or revert back to good old Internet Explorer. That, of course, would depend on why the one I have had for years had suddenly given up the ghost. I didn’t really want all the hassle or find out something else was wrong or broken. So I did nothing and sulked for the rest of the evening.

Later, I googled the problem on my tablet and discovered other people had encountered this before, so I was blameless for once. It seemed the only option was to go with another browser and uninstall the offending article.

First thing this morning I chose Chrome, the Google browser. It made sense, for they run just about everything else on my computer, and within minutes they had taken over all my favourites and their log- in passwords. They automatically gave me my favourite homepage, something I usually have to do myself.  I was impressed by their speed and accuracy, so started the day a very happy bunny!

My subsequent good mood was not to last, however.

Just before lunch, I had cause to print some of my WIP, only to find yawning great gaps in the printing. This meant I had to spend time making the machine clean its own printing heads and nozzles. When I had finished, and successfully printed the material, my mood had jogged off and I didn’t want to do anything else. Just in case something blew up!

I spotted this infographic the other day. It perfectly sums up where I am at today, so thought I would share it with you…


The Avatar Nightmare

prtscn x22


For nearly two weeks now, I have been noticing that something odd was happening to most of the things I either blogged or tweeted on Twitter.

Instead of the image that belonged to the piece, my avatar was boldly displayed alongside the one that is always there. Not a good look at all. Talk about over kill, and it looked for all the world as if I was passing all these things as my own. Something I find totally disrespectful to all my blogger friends.

I spend a lot of time promoting other people’s articles and blogs, and have even been called ‘the re-blogging queen’ so this was even more distressing to me. Something was wrong, but I had no clue where to look for the culprit.

prtScn xxx

I searched for the reason, convinced it was nothing I had personally done, but the more I looked, the more impossible it seemed.

The trouble with all these sites we bloggers use, is that they will keep tweaking things and I wish they wouldn’t.

I checked everywhere, which wasn’t easy for me, as I wouldn’t normally recognise a technical fault from a hole in the wall, but I had to try and solve the mystery.

I asked everyone I could think of, apart from Twitter. For some reason, they don’t have a help screen as such, or if they do, I have never found it.


At first, I thought it was something to do with Buffer, the tweet-scheduling people and asked them about it. They are so helpful at Buffer, and tried so hard to figure it out with no luck.

I spent over an hour today talking to Support, sending them screenshots of the problem. Eventually they understood what I was complaining about, and admitted to changing some of their procedures recently. Why was I not surprised?

They even admitted that faced with the evidence, it did seem like a stupid change, and something that should be reversed. They couldn’t say when though, so I won’t be holding my breath.

Seeing as how I don’t want my avatar plastered all over Twitter, I am going to have to find a solution, something that works for me. Not sure how, at the moment, short of stopping re blogging all together, something I don’t really want to do.


So if anyone has noticed, and God forbid got annoyed at what has been happening on Twitter, please be aware that it wasn’t done deliberately, and with a bit of luck and a following wind, won’t be happening again.

Tom & Jerry part two…

Continuing the story of Tom and Jerry, the mouse problem we had last week.


We were happy to think the remaining mouse had vacated our premises, but time would show how wrong we were.

Several days later, we began to notice a strange smell in our Kitchen. Only a faint smell, you understand, and not too unusual. At least not in our house. It’s usually something in the bin, and sure enough, there were spring onions in there.
But the smell didn’t go away. If anything, it became stronger.
We put bleach down the sink, checked all the cupboards and fridge, but found nothing bad.


By this time, the smell made us feel ill, and we hypothesised repeatedly about chemicals in the drinking water, to Radon gas coming up through the floorboards. Paranoia set in big time, as we considered the possibility of CFC gas leaking from the fridge.
You name it and we thought of it. Almost on the verge of bringing in every expert we could think of, from the landlord, water board, fridge engineers or health and safety, when suddenly we thought of the mouse we never saw leave. Supposing he had died behind the fridge, where we last saw him?

So, causing much upheaval and no little effort, we moved the large awkward fridge, but we found nothing there. While we were at it, we moved the cooker too, but nothing there either.
I say nothing, but you know how it is. We found buttons, a few pills, lots of dirt and quite a few mouse droppings. (we do have a lot of visitors) but no mouse, dead or otherwise.
And the smell became even stronger.


By this time, we were feeling really ill and fed up with the whole problem. We would have to call in the troops.
In the absence of any other explanation, logically the mouse had to be somewhere. We had begun to notice the smell seemed to grow stronger periodically, as if being turned on and off, which drew us back to the fridge. We knew we would have to have another look, as mice are quite small and we might have missed him.

The next half hour turned into a nightmare, quite apart from the pulled muscles dragging the fridge into the middle of the kitchen so we could have a proper look. With a torch and an old knitting needle, we found him. He had crawled behind the motor, probably dying and needing somewhere nice and warm to do it in.

We couldn’t believe it could be the same cute little mouse who had run around our house as if he owned it. He looked larger somehow and the smell horrendous.
We were gagging too much to offer a decent burial, I’m afraid. A tightly sealed sandwich bag dispatched him with as much love and care as we could find.