Going Backwards…

Since being self-employed and retired, (it can happen), I have always chosen what I want to do, and this has usually worked well for me. Somehow, everything gets done, and if I have to wait for another piece of the puzzle to finish something, I am happy to do this.

Just lately, though, I have begun to realise that doing things out of sequence is getting on my nerves and slowing down production.

Frustration has been a part of my life for a long time, following me around like a lame dog, so I have decided that it’s time to get all my ducks in a row, so to speak.

Just when I thought I had hit upon the answer to my frustration, I recently read an interesting post from David Gaughran, that wise and very clever Irishman who posts advice on writing and marketing for writers everywhere. In this post, Let’s Go Backwards, he suggests doing things backwards. (just when I was thinking of stopping this habit!)

In a nutshell, he suggests starting with the book cover and then writing the blurb. The idea is that you write the story to match the cover and the blurb.

I have often wanted to have the cover in front of me when I write, so these ideas seemed feasible based on the concept of visualisation.

To quote the great man himself…

Imagine: kicking off with a comprehensive review of potential categories on Amazon, and then commissioning the perfect cover to appeal to regular readers of that niche, writing the hookiest blurb to get those readers to click the Buy button, and then penning the actual story which is at home in that package…”

I am regarded as a bit of a freak in my family because I do most things differently from everyone else. Most of the time backward or, according to them, wrong. I even stir my coffee anticlockwise.

Should I change the habits of a lifetime, or should I continue to play catch up with everything I do?


On a lighter note, I made it outside this week, dodging torrential rain, I might add, to check on what was going on. The weeds are taking over, and the grass is aiming for an elephant’s eye. (sorry about that South Pacific moment)

Is there an easy way to get rid of mare’s tails?

The new dahlias continue to be disappointing. I bought them in five different colours, but all the buds seem to be yellow.

The new plant, I call it sea holly, is actually going blue. I couldn’t believe it. I’m sure it’s not supposed to be five feet tall, though…


Image by Hans Benn from Pixabay

Soft velvet
Bearded wonder
Pale blue by water
By moonlight shining seen
Iris spirit dancing free
Time returns, my childhood pleasure
Of gentle angels leading my way
School journey made easy by gentle touch…

© Anita Dawes 2021

From Colleen’s site

The Flower Child… #Poetry




Image by Pixabay.com



The same little girl stood on the corner

of Swan street selling her flowers

A carnation for your lady, she called.

I guessed her age to be about nine

Her clothes shabby yet clean.

Someone must care for her

I feel she should be at home.

The weather had turned bitter

Her face and hands the colour of a red rose

I could do little to help

but buy the carnation offered.

This I did, two or three times a week

Hoping I was helping.

For a week now I have not seen her

I asked the man selling newspapers

He told me she had succumbed to the cold.

I had not given her enough help after all

I should have provided her with a warm blanket

Warm boots. I knew she had to stand there

To help her family to survive.

I hope she has all the flowers she wants

In heaven…


#Friday Flowers…

I thought I would share some flowers with you today, for they do seem to make the day a little brighter, don’t you think?



Image by Jaye Marie




Image by Jaye Marie