Free Fall… #Poetry

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Too hot to sleep in bed, I drag my duvet to the garden

It feels cool beneath the stars

I watch, as shadows dance across the face of the moon

What or who they are I cannot tell

until they begin to free fall, growing larger,

the nearer to Earth they come

I stood with my duvet around my shoulders

Too fearful to move any further

I could see the dark forms of human shapes

Slowly gliding now, it seems with a purpose.

Knowing across the road stood the rooftops of my neighbours

As many shadows disappeared, while others floated on

I know two of my neighbours are about to give birth

Are they new souls, waiting for their first breath?

If so, what of the others that came along

Surely not simply for the ride?

I could watch for changes in the neighbours I speak to

Ultimately what could I do?

Tell them I watched shadows fall into their houses?

They would have me locked up.

I know I was awake and not dreaming, where could they go?

Two days later, Mr Thompson died.

Reminding myself he was old, my mind asked the question

Did I see the shadow of death, plus companions?

searching for souls to take, others to inhabit?

Now, whenever I see the two newest tiny neighbours

I remember the night

I watched dancing shadows cross the moon…

©anitadawes 2020

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What do you see # 31 -25 May 2020

Image credit- Pixabay- ArtTower

(For visually challenged reader, the image shows a road leading towards a dwelling in the forest. It is hidden in fog and surrounded by tall trees. A light is shining brightly out of the window of the house)

A finger of yellow light shines through the fog

This means life, hidden behind the tall trees

Am I trespassing?

My nosiness answered by a shotgun blast

Lifting the hair on my head

I ran, as if I had sprouted wings on my feet.

Believing myself far enough from danger

I lent against a tall tree,

Letting my body slide to the ground

My breath slowing,

my heart beating in time with fear

I remembered seeing a small cabin through the fog

Why did they shoot at me?

Had it been a warning, or did they take aim?

They could have just asked me to leave

Had they lost the art of communication?

Rested now, I decided to take the long way around

Avoiding any further confrontation.

This was not to be

The yellow light shone in my face

Blinding me to who may be holding it

I felt the sharp end of a needle enter my neck

Then blackness.

On waking, I found myself in my own bed

I had no recollection of the two days that had passed.

Remembering the sting of the needle

Placed my hand where the needle had pierced.

I found a small raised bump

Now I realised the stories about the cabin to be true

I had been taken…

©anita dawes 2020

#The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 457 #Poetry


a word I heard a lot in childhood

Teachers voices echo still

I have gratitude for one who taught me to read?

Too many adults inflate their ego

As though stroking a cat

No time to remember when they knew less

They expect us to read between the lines

Hard to do, aged ten

It’s true, I could have tried harder

Rather than daydreaming

Wishing I could fly around the world

Backwards in time

Singing about the strange worlds

I see with my mind’s eye, delicious exotic food

Smiling happy people made my trip out of mind worthwhile

Maybe there should not have been so many?

I believe, time spent dreaming

Taught me more than school ever could…

©anitadawes 2020

From Bad to Worse?

I didn’t sleep well last night and when I finally closed my eyes, I dreamed of sprinkling grass seed into a seed tray that already had a thick carpet of grass.

Dreams are usually confusing, but I understood this one well enough. My life seems to have taken on an air of futility where I stubbornly keep doing things that are not necessary, and literally ignoring the things I should be doing.

I am still kicking myself for the stupid way I handled that impromptu meeting with David Snow, one of my resident detectives. I should have planned that a lot better than I did and maybe we could have come to some sort of agreement.

Or, left decisions like that until I felt better.

Speaking of feeling better, it appears that I am a long way from better now.

My doctor called me to the surgery yesterday to check on me. I had been on the verge of making an appointment as I didn’t think I was getting better fast enough.

So great minds think alike?

The long walk to the surgery was most enjoyable. The sun was shining, and it felt good to be outside in the fresh air.

I tried not to think about all the closed and empty shops, and the way the few people we saw all kept their distance. (Almost is if they knew I was infected with something!)

Turned out that my blood pressure was through the roof and the kidney infection was still very much alive and kicking!

Ill Taffy Cat

A sample of my wee is winging its way to the laboratory so they can get to the bottom of why the antibiotics didn’t get rid of it, and which one might work better.

So this explains my semi fragile state, continuing back ache and brain confusion. I hope!

The walk home after seeing the doctor seemed twice as long as before and I needed several sit downs along the way. My energy levels were all but crawling along the floor, but I managed to get home, walk up the path to my front door and collapse on to the nearest chair…

This was my first post with the new WordPress editor and wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Obviously, there is a lot to learn but I think I am going to like it!

©JayeMarie 2020

By Shifting Sands the Castle Stands… #BlogBattle @RachaelRitchey



#BlogBattle is a weekly short story/flash fiction challenge using a single word for inspiration.


By Shifting Sands the Castle Stands

The golden legend of Moreka

Tells of a stolen castle

That cannot be found by outsiders.

One chance, you could step within its fabled walls.

The faith of an innocent,

Childlike belief may one day get you there

After following the clues that change daily

Shifting landscapes, the teasing glimpse

Of a distant turret to keep you hoping

That one day you may step inside its golden gates.

When the mist is light, the road ahead short

Remember, each step you take turns your head around

The legend states it can be found

By one who has a clear day to see

To run, to grab the one chance given

To one who sees the golden gate shimmer…

©anitadawes 2020

Time for the dreaming to stop?


Despite the warm weather we have been having lately, the early signs of autumn are sneaking up on us. Little by little, my bonsai are getting ready for their winter sleep and their leaves are gradually beginning to change colour as they start to close down. Imperceptibly at first, then some of them will turn a fiery red before shedding their tiny leaves like so much confetti.
A wonderful sight, but a little sad at the same time, and I always miss seeing them in leaf.

It reminds me more poignantly that I am approaching my own autumn (and hopefully I won’t turn scarlet!) emphasised mainly by the fact that I am not at my best this week. Probably doing too much…for at my age you are supposed to be taking it a little easier, but that’s easier said than done when you have a mountain of jobs piling up in front of you!

Despite the workload, I have been doing a fair bit of gazing out my window this week (searching for inspiration, or at least that’s my excuse!) and just love the way Mother Nature goes about her business, come hell or high water. Maybe we could all learn from her example, especially me.
But I’m afraid it is all too easy for me to find excuses for not doing what I ought. I find myself constantly using my age as the perfect excuse and I really must stop doing that, it’s really pathetic and doesn’t match how I have lived my life up until now.
The only thing I have always known for sure, is that you can do anything, provided you want to enough. So as long as I am still breathing, I should be able to just get on with it!
It is easy to think of autumn as the end of things, when in fact it is just part of the sequence. A resting time to reflect on how much better and brighter next spring will be. And we need that slowing down, as working flat out all the time is unsustainable. We need to look back at the past year and really see what worked and what didn’t.

You know what I mean, all those things you thought were important at the time, but turned out not to be. I have learnt such a lot this year, but the fact that I am still making colossal mistakes only proves to me that there is so much more to learn and to do.
It would be easy to mimic the seasons, shut down and hibernate until spring arrives; and I must admit that sounds incredibly tempting…
But I have PayBack to finish, Anita’s busily scribbling away, so lots of editing there. I also have a pile of notes to wade through. Some to digest, others to discard; time to clear the decks and really get organised. So many possibilities just waiting to be discovered…

In addition, a huge thank you to all those of you who have helped us this year, you know who you are…