Why I Love being a Blogger…

Image by Daniel Agrelo from Pixabay

Like many of us, we began this blog because we needed a platform to tell the world we were writers and show off our books.

We didn’t have a clue when we started, stumbling around, making more mistakes than we want to remember now, but we have learned so much and still find new stuff to know all the time.

Along the way, so many things have tried to defeat us, like PowerPoint, Book Funnel and Mailerlite. And of course, marketing in all its many forms still presents an almost daily challenge! I sometimes wish I weren’t quite so stubborn, as there are days, I could admit defeat and walk away. But it hasn’t happened yet, and I doubt it ever will, fingers crossed!

Somehow, nine years have passed, and our humble blog now has over 5.000 followers!

It would take me forever to thank everyone who has brought us this far, but we do thank you all for simply being there with all your wonderful and often helpful comments.

Every day we get to visit so many different countries, meeting people and chatting about all manner of subjects. We get involved, virtually of course, in some exciting and often constructive conversations, many about issues that are close to our hearts, like photography, writing, gardening, bonsai and poetry, the list is endless…

On any one day, there can be several ongoing conversations, either by email or on our website/blog. It is impossible to feel lonely, even in these difficult days, with all these lovely people to talk to.

Hopefully, we have many more years to come, as there are still so many bridges to cross…

When I wrote this post I had no idea that this theme was being highlighted on The Insecure Writer’s Support Group, so thought it would be a good idea to link with them, to show our support!

36 thoughts on “Why I Love being a Blogger…

  1. Congrats! That’s an awesome accomplishment lol I get excited when I have more than 10 likes on my posts LOL when I started blogging all I wanted was to just express myself, I told myself I didn’t need readers (right away etc) but lately I’ve put myself on a regular blogging schedule and am seeing the slow growth of readers and it’s been nothing but inspiring me to keep at it. It’s nice to see you’re being heard but also affecting others positively too! Pretty much why I wanted to start writing on a platform, I just didn’t know it then!

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  2. I can totally relate! It’s funny how many of us start our blogging journey without a clue, because we have to have a platform. Then that wonderful thing follows – connections with this amazing community. We end up with so much more… very real friends. 🙂 Lovely post.

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  3. I wasn’t even sure what blogging really meant when I started… These days, I know it is a much wider and deeper thing than simply putting words on a screen.
    It really is about the people and the connections we make across the world… the places our minds and hearts can visit when our feet cannot… the life lessons we learn through the lives of others.
    And the friends we make who change our lives for the better.
    Congratulations to both of you… and thank you for always finding a way forward. Do you know how encouraging and inspiring that can be from out here? 😉 xx

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  4. I didn’t have a clue, either, when I started blogging. Not sure I have a clue now for that matter. 😉 Glad to visit a fellow IWSG-er.

    As far as marketing, well, I definitely don’t have a clue there. I’m horrible at it but will never admit defeat. Keep on keepin’ on!

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  5. Anita, here courtesy of Roger’s reblog. Congratulations on the nine years. I think we started about the same time. I have had the good fortune to meet three of my blogging friends and it has been a treat. One was planning a visit from Australia to the US and it led to a lunch meeting when she traveled reasonably close to where I live. We do have a community. Cheers, Keith

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  6. The global involvement came as a big surprise for me, too. I thought I’d be writing solely to other Americans. Instead, there are days when I have readers on five continents, and the blogs I follow keep opening my awareness of a much wider world.
    The other early realization was that blogging can be a lot like pen-pals, back when we were kids, except it’s also like a big party-line, too, where others can join in.
    So here we are, years later, and it’s still engaging us. Cheers!

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