Free Fall… #Poetry

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Too hot to sleep in bed, I drag my duvet to the garden

It feels cool beneath the stars

I watch, as shadows dance across the face of the moon

What or who they are I cannot tell

until they begin to free fall, growing larger,

the nearer to Earth they come

I stood with my duvet around my shoulders

Too fearful to move any further

I could see the dark forms of human shapes

Slowly gliding now, it seems with a purpose.

Knowing across the road stood the rooftops of my neighbours

As many shadows disappeared, while others floated on

I know two of my neighbours are about to give birth

Are they new souls, waiting for their first breath?

If so, what of the others that came along

Surely not simply for the ride?

I could watch for changes in the neighbours I speak to

Ultimately what could I do?

Tell them I watched shadows fall into their houses?

They would have me locked up.

I know I was awake and not dreaming, where could they go?

Two days later, Mr Thompson died.

Reminding myself he was old, my mind asked the question

Did I see the shadow of death, plus companions?

searching for souls to take, others to inhabit?

Now, whenever I see the two newest tiny neighbours

I remember the night

I watched dancing shadows cross the moon…

©anitadawes 2020

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