Destiny Came Knocking… #Poetry

Image by Luminas Art from Pixabay 

Sailing through the universe, 
      searching for the stone of destiny
Over dark tides, through the spiral arms of the Milky Way
Pulsing gas giants blind you with colour, their majesty
Home, left so far behind, a speck in my mind’s eye
Illuminated by memory, the blue ball keeps spinning
Stars fall, like giant rocks lit by a trail of fire
Taking time to marvel at the hand of God
 inside my chest my heart swells with the beauty,
         ribbons of colour to turn the mind over, 
Collecting my breath with ever colour changing gas clouds
Away beyond infinity all things merge, making new wonders
Tying the universe together like one giant playground
Ending my journey back home, 
      where the stone lay beneath my feet
Destiny came knocking at my own back door…


The Universe… #Poetry

Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay

The Universe

The universe is like crazy paving
You cannot avoid the cracks
With each step, it changes
Like a constant gardener
Living in a compost heap of Earth’s wine
Plucking weeds, planting bulbs
where they’re not wanted
Changing borders, straightening edges
Turning my life into a jigsaw puzzle
Pieces missing, others put in place
where they don’t fit, causing chaos
Surely they could have chosen a better plan
on the day I was born?


Love, Spoken without Words… #Poetry

Image by Felix Merler from Pixabay

Trembling, I stand on the edge of the universe
Remembering the life I had before, the family
After the long darkness
The memories, pinpoints of light, jewels
Evening murmurs break the silence
Raging storm clouds gather
Rain carries new light
Evening stars, hidden by dark clouds
Sun hides, waiting to shine
Telling us there will be a new day
Rain covered earth springs back, new life
In a memory that shines bright, I remember
Her face, her blue eyes that glow
Love spoken without words…


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What do you see # 22- March 23, 2020





Image- Egil Sjøholt -Pexels ~ Words by Anita Dawes

( For the visually challenged reader, the photo shows a purple illumination in the sky in form of a beam. We can see the stars in it. A figure is silhouetted in the light.)

Time Spinning…




Image by



Time Spinning

Shadow and light turning around our blue planet dancing

In time with the universe.

We feel no touch nor time passing

Youth carries time without existence

It waits to find us in old age.

Still we do not feel its touch, steal our younger selves

Youth falls away without feeling unnoticed

Some minds lose moments, faces go unrecognised

While other minds stay as an older version of Peter Pan.

Bodies fail, minds falter,

old monuments vanish beneath new growth.

Time is never at a loss, it takes what it wants

It is the dark, unseen Ninja warrior

Running silently through the Universe…

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