Colleens Weekly Poetry Challenge #ThemePrompt


The Nature of Lightning

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

feel your
hungry eyes
touch my body
I will hold you close
move like a hurricane
lose our souls in the storm wind
love like the last lightning strike
watch as the world fades into darkness
leave nothing to chance but your hungry eyes
enter the dragons mouth, hear lightning
tear each star from the vault of heaven
dance on the dark side of the moon
write history with blue light
hungry eyes speak of love
lightning, our song
let me be struck
more than once
touch me


What Remained… #Poetry

Image by Barroa_Artworks from Pixabay
What Remained 

They tip toe through my dreams
Rain soaked, looking angry
After tossing and turning
Noticing small details
Suddenly, the penny dropped
Like lightning flashing
Understanding their loss
Counting sheep backwards to wake
Energy loss wandering through my mind
Nothing made sense, 
 The terror we made…


The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 554

Thunder woke my sleep
Lightning turned my room translucent
As if I were dreaming
There is order in the world I am told
I freeze, this is different
There in the light I could see forms, people
Are they on a journey? 
passing through our world?
Guided by the power of lightening
I search their faces, wondering
If there could be someone I know
It is spellbinding, I am drawn to them
They are pointing north, 
as if trying to tell me something
So much in a flash of lightning
I took it to be a sacred moment
If it is something I am meant to know
It will come to me…


Don’t Call me Crazy… #Poetry

Image by naturepic from Pixabay
When I tell you the great redwood
Is white as snow, a ghost
Don’t call me crazy
When lightning strikes the ground
And angels wings can be found
Don’t call me crazy
When I tell you I see 
Merlin’s face in the cloud
Don’t call me crazy
Arthur stands with sword in hand
Where lightning is found
Don’t call me crazy
When the Lady of the Lake
Calls the light of the world 
to her hand
don’t call me crazy
she had in mind a world renewed
old magic recalled
don’t call me crazy
find an angels ring, wear it well
your life now stands beside the tree
reborn, your thoughts with me
don’t call me crazy
I wear the ring by lightning made
I walk with angels when day is done
Don’t call me crazy
Like the tree, they live inside out
The ring I found
Keeps me from going crazy…


His Day is Coming… #Poetry

Image by ELG21 from Pixabay

One winter after the snow had fallen
Out at sea, thunder, and lightning raged
Telling of my coming.
Angels whisper of my birth
When magic ruled the land
And folk prayed, standing by the stones
Before they knew about the darkness to come
The pain that would follow them
through their lives, devastating families
Stepping between those that love
Turning love back on them,
tearing bits from each other
They become as walking lepers,
without the bell to ring
They are swallowed by despair
It’s the beloved he is after.
My training in the dark arts almost complete
I will be let loose on the unsuspecting fools
Take all they have accrued
This will continue
until one is born with the power of light
The kind that can destroy the likes of my dark ways.
His day is coming…

© Anita Dawes 2021

The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 503 ~ #Poetry

The grounds beneath the thunder began to shake
The man fell to his knees
In the open, he began to pray
The odds of a lightning chase
Were too large to number.
His knees sank into the rain soaked ground
Dishevelled, time marched by
In a stat of fear, he tried to count his blessings,
the bounty that lay before him
His mind twisted with fear, he could see none of it
The dark wick at the back of his mind, flared
He remembered his pills
On the soak filled ground, he blessed the peace
The little white pills would bring
Within a minute, he could say let the thunder roar,
the lightning crash, he can stand now!
the cold material of his trousers clinging to his legs
the searing pain as lightning struck his back…

© Anita Dawes 2021

Kissed by a rainbow… #Poetry



Kissed by a rainbow

Dark grey clouds hover above my head

Like steel girders waiting to plummet

The jagged face of lightning screaming

Ice cold balls hit the ground

As if shot from a cannon

I run; I will not become a target for giant balls of ice

Windscreens crack, Jack Frost’s paintings linger

On dented bonnets, roofs

An invisible giant walked across parked cars

Their owners become the victims

Of the Hand of God

Only these are not leather footballs

In what was meant to be a friendly match

This hand has vengeance in its palm

Its aim of an Olympian aiming for gold

I take shelter in a nearby shop

Watching the carnage

Wondering if a giant golfer is aiming for a hole in one

I felt lucky, I didn’t own a car

Or one of those houses with a hole in its roof

I’m a visitor, passing through

Knowing the weather will calm soon enough

Leaving blue skies kissed by a rainbow…

©anitadawes 2020