Don’t Call me Crazy… #Poetry

Image by naturepic from Pixabay
When I tell you the great redwood
Is white as snow, a ghost
Don’t call me crazy
When lightning strikes the ground
And angels wings can be found
Don’t call me crazy
When I tell you I see 
Merlin’s face in the cloud
Don’t call me crazy
Arthur stands with sword in hand
Where lightning is found
Don’t call me crazy
When the Lady of the Lake
Calls the light of the world 
to her hand
don’t call me crazy
she had in mind a world renewed
old magic recalled
don’t call me crazy
find an angels ring, wear it well
your life now stands beside the tree
reborn, your thoughts with me
don’t call me crazy
I wear the ring by lightning made
I walk with angels when day is done
Don’t call me crazy
Like the tree, they live inside out
The ring I found
Keeps me from going crazy…


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