Dead of Winter Journey 12 ~ Goddesses #Review#EpicFantasy @teagangeneviene

So far in previous Journeys of “Dead of Winter,” we’ve encountered villagers and city folk, religions, armies, and societies. We learned of terrifying beasts, nightwalkers, and the enigmatic Listeners. The final battle is at hand. Journey 12, brings us yet another type of extraordinary being – goddesses. Yet are they salvation? Or another complication… or even a threat?

Our Review

Emlyn’s newly dyed hair and newfound determination are not the only surprising developments in this episode.

It seems that the last battle has arrived, and the odds are not in their favour, even with a goddess on their side. There is danger on all sides, from the nightwalkers and Arawn.

We get to know Gethin a little better as he waits in the Lost Library to re-join the group. He explores the library and studies the artwork on the walls, and the wreaths that the old Deae Matres were wearing. He feels these wreaths are important somehow. All made of the same herb, Fever’s Bane, now called Summer’s Bane. This is also one of the names for Arawn, so could it be that the wearing of these wreaths is important?

Was Summer’s Bane used as a protection for the Deae Matres? Could it be used against the Nightwalkers too?

Has Gethin stumbled upon something that will help balance the odds in the coming battle?

I feel the ending is near, and I cannot wait!

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  1. There’s no excuse for me being so late… although I admit I’ve been having a difficult time. Regardless, you’ve made my weekend. What a lovely bright spot in a very tough couple of weeks. I’m so happy that you are part of these Journeys. Hugs on the wing!

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