Chilliest Yet! #Halloween



All Hallow’s Eve

She has diamonds in her eyes, ice in her heart

Don’t let her light in, don’t let it shine

She will steal your eyes then walk away.

On Halloween, she comes to find

The ones they took that left her blind.

A witch’s trial that went not well

Now she is back to break the spell

Of forty years that held her fast.

No mask can hide what once was hers.

Before this night is done, someone will scream

“I have no eyes with which to see”

The sons of old, they did forget

The last known witch from Salem’s lot

Did pass this way, her promise kept…

©Anita Dawes

Pumpkin Time!



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I think it must be true that time speeds up as you get older, for it is pumpkin time again, and it doesn’t seem that long since the last one finally shrivelled and was thrown away.

Here in England, we don’t seem to celebrate Halloween with quite the same fervour as other countries, but we try. The shops are full of bright orange pumpkins, both real and plastic, witch’s cauldrons and all kinds of scary things; I wonder why we enjoy being scared so much?

I don’t think Halloween was originally intended to scare the pants off the population. The word ‘Halloween’ means ‘hallowed or holy evening’ and that day was originally dedicated to remembering the dead and honouring their memory, in readiness for All Souls Day (1st November)which is quite a departure from ghouls, ghosts and scary pumpkins.

I have always believed  (I am a bit of a pagan at heart) that it was an ancient Celtic religious festival called Samhain (31st October-1st November) along with Imbolc (31st January-1st February) Beltane (30th April-1st May) and Lughnasadh (31st July-1st August). You will notice that these festivals are meticulously spaced throughout the year, and the equinoxes slot tidily in between and that has to mean something. Not just a scary day if you see what I mean.

There is quite a sad legend about the carved pumpkins or Jack-o-lanterns. A miserly character called Jack was fond of tricking everyone, including the devil, and when he died, he was turned away from heaven due to his life of sin.
However, the devil wouldn’t let him into hell either and he was cursed to travel the earth forever.
As he left the gates of hell, the devil threw him a hot ember to light his way. Jack put it inside a hollowed out turnip and the legend was born…

Well, happy Halloween to everyone and good luck with your trick or treating, whatever your feelings on the subject.

I think we human beings are a little obsessed with death because we can’t really understand it, and therefore tend to fear it. But we have discovered over the years that if we make light of this fear with a traditional festival or celebration, we can bring it out into the open where we can all look at it in the company of other people.
And have fun at the same time, of course…

And here is one we prepared earlier!


Halloween Chills! Taken



Don’t go to the house on Willow Lane

Mother said today

Mrs Hill’s sweets will make you ill

She lost her only child

Now Halloween she hates

She waits for little Jimmy

With spirits to return

To wash her guilt away

She left him by the river

It took his life away…

©Anita Dawes




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Would you walk in darkness

Taste the life I lead

Would you live forever

On blood, you have received?

Would my life repulse you?

Must I let you go

Back to warm blood

The only life you know?

With love, I try to hold you

To bring you to my ways

You are the rose to my thorn

I will not throw your life away…

©Anita Dawes

The Hour… a Halloween Poem…


The Hour

The hour has come, it is midnight.

Light the lanterns

But don’t let your world come undone.

You have heard the tales of Halloween

When doors are open, they slip in

The dead now walk this land

Revenge they seek

Not all will leave a spell behind

Yet there is one who comes in peace

For her lost love, she will sit and weep.

Her time on Earth went by too fast

Love’s kiss still upon her lips.

Each year she comes to find her way

The house she finds by lanterns shine

This time she knows what she will find

With raven hair, her lips of red

Holding hands with a love that is hers

With children’s laughter, the door will be undone

To enter now, to bewitch, to take her form

The raven-haired witch she must dispel

This night feels right for loves return

Will all be well?

©Anita Dawes


Here’s one I found on Youtube!

More Chills for Halloween… #Poetry



Don’t Knock

Halloween is not about children with bags of candy

Beware whose door you knock upon.

There are those who live among us

They blend in well.

On Halloween, their fear is great

The gates of Hell are open.

One hour when they can roam

Those that made it here before feel unsafe

There may come one to claim that space.

Your children play with them, you think them friends

This may be true, so please don’t knock on Mary’s door

Don’t break the spell.

New families here in town should be warned

Pass by 34 Oakland Street, leave well enough alone

Nobody knows this story to be true.

Would you knock where no lanterns light the darkened door?

Would you make the swap to save a soul from going back?

The one that stands behind you now

Will make the choice if you do not…

©Anita Dawes

More chill, anyone?



Cold Shivers

It begins with a shiver down your back

Goosebumps pepper your skin

The scream inside your head

Memories that should stay long dead

That hollow feeling of time returning

To take you back beneath the ground

Halloween is over you have been found

One long year you lay in wait

To see the pumpkin lit by yonder gate…

©Anita Dawes