#Wordle 443 #Poetry







Lost beneath the blood red moon

The air electric with anticipation

Something was coming

The hairs on my arms

Stood to attention

Telling me to run, move,

Fear had no limit

Gripping my mind with iron claws

Imagination ran like water

Sweeping into a giant pool of horror

I should write it down

Hope to come out of this with a best seller

The moon shone red shadows

Through tall dark trees

A feeling of cold dread

Slyly brushed the left side of my body

Something solid had passed me

Now walked behind me

I turn slowly to see I am alone

My thoughts jumping one over another

My thinking strange

A child you need to take care of

Stands to your left

Waiting, his time will come.

I had not planned on having children

My wife and I agreed before marriage

That thought could not be mine

I need to get out of these woods and write it down

Could be I had found the Holy Grail

The inspiration that had been missing for months?

My wife will be fascinated by my adventure today.

When I had done telling her

A strange look came across her face

Right after I said,

how daft to think we would have a child…?

©anitadawes 2020

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