House Hunting.

Stevie Turner

We’ve begun the long process of house-hunting for a place suitable for us in our future old age, which sadly now doesn’t seem very far away. We want to downsize from the 3-bed house we now have to a 2-bed bungalow or a purpose-built retirement flat, and have picked the location of Diss – yes, the town of the unhelpful book shop owners.

You get more for your money in Diss (American buddies… it’s not as bad as it sounds!).  It has a nice high street full of shops, a lake and a park to walk around, a library, a swimming pool, 3 big supermarkets, a GP surgery, a bank, and a train station.  There’s no big motorway or hospital nearby however, and so probably that’s why Bury St. Edmunds’ prices are higher.  To drive to the hospital where I work from Diss would probably take me around 45…

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