Turkish Delight… #Poetry




Image by S Mumtaz from Pixabay 


Turkey, a land of mystery and wonder

As you walk the ancient bazars

Here sweet spices assail your senses

Bright coloured material caught in a warm breeze

Lifting like gentle wings.

Beautifully crafted jewellery

Precious gems of every kind

Rings for every finger, choosing made impossible

Ancient buildings whisper come look at my beauty

Wonder at the builders’ skilful hands

A feast for the eyes.

You will leave Turkey with the feeling

Of having been on a magic carpet ride

Transported through ancient Mesopotamia

much later, sit cross legged on a Turkish rug

The journey begins again through ancient castles

Standing stone circles, older than Stonehenge

A land of old magic that lives in the air you breathe

Allowing you to carry a little back home

Where your magic carpet becomes

A colourful rug once more…

©anitadawes 2020