The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 569 ~ #No Regrets ~ #Poetry

Image by Beverly Buckley from Pixabay 

There can be no regret
With a life rocking back and forth
No longer agile, no teeth
My face a road map of all my yesterdays
I hope I have never wasted my time here
At present, my great journey
Is to climb the stairs to my bed
Hoping to wake one more time
To see the bees busy in my roses…


The Sunday Whirl~ Wordle 568 ~#Poetry ~ Her Face…

The map of her face 
Is something I carry in my mind
The softness of her cheek
The kiss that leaves me breathless
The lack of stillness when she is near
The vast silence when she has gone
Leaving hope like a flag, waiting for her return
Sparrows whispering in the hedgerows
Waiting, wondering 
when the music will begin again…


The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 565 ~ #Poetry ~ #ASharpSword

No filters from the mind of a child
Truth can stab like a sharp sword
The ground can be swept 
from beneath your feet
Leaving a puzzle for you to think on
The film you watch, all too familiar
The artwork on your wall, stolen
Breeze from the open window
standing the hair on the back of your neck
Judging your own misdemeanours
Mindful now, as if your life feels 
as if you walk on a thin wire
Still, you tell yourself, 
one last job couldn’t hurt…


The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 365 ~ #Poetry

©AnitaDawes2022 ~ image by
The power shot past me
The sacred moment lost
I lie under the covers
A heavy ache held my heart
I hear the owl in the woods
The hollow crack of spirit
The candle lit, the feast ready
The sideways glance, the door opens
Yesterday’s spirits rush in…


Lost in Time ~ The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 561 ~ #Poetry

Lost in time
The bones of our ancestors
Covered in myths
That run on willowy legs
Old spirits growl, I hear them not
I hear birds singing, the hum of summer
Empty footsteps tracking my progress
I pray they never catch up to me
I say the prayer three times
The third is the charm
To keep away the blood, 
trickling down the walls
The glum faces of my neighbours 
that haunt my dreams
I run after the old, the magic of myth
The stories that keep my blood pumping…


The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 560 ~ #Poetry

Image by Dagmar Räder from Pixabay
I heard the sound of magic on a sigh
The library lights began flickering
I could see him stalk the shadows
His disguise flimsy
Impulse told me to run from the cruel crackle
That came from his movements
With every thud of his footsteps
I could hear the years drag behind him
My hunch, he was looking for a place to hide
To unload a monsoon of lifetimes
Each book he passed
Would contain new lines
When put together would make
The power too hot to handle
The truth would be trying to 
 remembering each book he touched
Then figuring out which would be a new line
It would take a lifetime
I knew I would have to try…


Anita blew me away with this poem… I think it’s the beginning of what could be a fantastic book!

The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 558 ~ #Poetry

Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay

Some fierce and painful words this week…

Blackbird ~ Wordle 557 ~ #Poetry

Image by carabito from Pixabay

Blackbird, take me with you
High above the earth
Where I can search for a woman
Out of time, her ashes, 
windblown across the ocean
She has taken my heart
I need it back
I have one creed to live by 
That love survives
In a world where the meek tremble
It seems to me
Life with a broken heart is hard
I will find her in another’s eyes
She will live again
Love will mend a broken heart…


The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 555 ~ #Poetry

I had been feeling distraught all morning
When I noticed a pin prick of light
Coming through the closed blind
It made me feel better to think a tiny hole
Couldn’t keep the sun out
Ms Penny taught us about light
How slivery, how bendy it can be
Creeping into the smallest space
Like bad thoughts chewing the mind
The ones you cannot banish
With brown paper and string
I tied the parcel with a bow
We had yet to take the trip back home
To return an unwanted gift
To an unwanted part of my life
Nothing can make up for the scars on my back…