#The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 449 #Poetry




Bright Days Ahead

I crawl through the wreck that is my life

Armed by despair

Hope lies trapped in a dark corner

Where my hand cannot reach

Through the maze of grey matter

That is my mind

I hear the chatter of many voices

At last, I make my way back

To a stash of bright smiles

The land survived without me

The corners are no longer dark

I am free to walk outside

It feels as if my feet

Are touching new ground…

©anitadawes 2020

#TheSundayWhirl ~ Wordle 445


I will take it, make it mine

Will tomorrow be as good as yesterday?

The storyteller began his tale

On his neck hung a chain

With a bright jewel

Which held the mystery

So he said.

I ask him about it

Truly, I wanted it

I felt like Gollum.

He winked at me

It’s but a wee thing

Nothing special.

This angered me

which felt like a small

stone growing inside me

I knew I would do anything

to have it

Watching as it changed colour

from blue to green then blue again

It flickered, as if a shifting light

lay behind it

It will be mine.

His story ended with a question

Where does magic come from?

From the jewel around your neck

I thought.

The heat of the day was fading

Dark tendrils of night swept across

the dark sky

Right now, my only thought

will he sleep outside

with the rest of us

Or move on like a wandering minstrel?

I thought him sly

Neither minstrel nor storyteller

He lay his cloak on the ground

as we did

Faking sleep I’m sure.

I kept one eye on him

When time passed

I crept closer

Lay awhile listening

to his breathing

I couldn’t tell if sleep had taken him.

Sly as a fox, I slid my hand beneath his collar

Trying to undo the clasp, he woke

I slammed my fist into his face

He lay quiet.

The jewel and I took off

Not turning to see who I might have woken

I ran deep into the woods before stopping

To look at my prize

Heart beating, legs shaking,

I slumped beneath a giant oak tree

Glad of its support against my back

Opening my hand, the jewel shone

Like the eye of God

Now all I need is for the magic to start…


©anitadawes 2020

Living Life My Own Way ~ Wordle 444



Wordle 444


Living Life My Own Way

I want to go back to the beginning

Design my own life

To live under blue lace clouds

Chase the wind

Sit fishing with no hook

On a slack line

So the fish can swim on

Feeling just fine

Trace patterns in my mind

As clouds roll by

I see Granddads smiling at me

A sleeping bear, best leave that be

Go back to mine

Where the grass is always green

Relish the fact that my design

Has managed to rub out

Fate, misfortune, karma

Hope that the spear of destiny

Like a double-edged sword

Doesn’t come back

To bite my backside…

©anitadawes 2020

#Wordle 443 #Poetry







Lost beneath the blood red moon

The air electric with anticipation

Something was coming

The hairs on my arms

Stood to attention

Telling me to run, move,

Fear had no limit

Gripping my mind with iron claws

Imagination ran like water

Sweeping into a giant pool of horror

I should write it down

Hope to come out of this with a best seller

The moon shone red shadows

Through tall dark trees

A feeling of cold dread

Slyly brushed the left side of my body

Something solid had passed me

Now walked behind me

I turn slowly to see I am alone

My thoughts jumping one over another

My thinking strange

A child you need to take care of

Stands to your left

Waiting, his time will come.

I had not planned on having children

My wife and I agreed before marriage

That thought could not be mine

I need to get out of these woods and write it down

Could be I had found the Holy Grail

The inspiration that had been missing for months?

My wife will be fascinated by my adventure today.

When I had done telling her

A strange look came across her face

Right after I said,

how daft to think we would have a child…?

©anitadawes 2020

#The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 442 #Poetry




The future is no more than a breath away

A sigh from God’s lips

While demonssmirk, keeping score beside the fire

Time has come to shower God’s new garden

As humans form from clay

The first murmur comes from female lips

Demons jump as fire sparks

Angels chime protection

First mans cry as Adam speaks

We have time to learn before the cauldrons churn

©anitadawes 2020


#The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 441




Today I chopped my way through the woods

My arms beginning to ache. The mist began to lift,

the sun burning across caught something on the ground,

lighting it with a starburst, tiny fingers of light dancing

A small gold token teasing, come see, pick me up

My mind still whirling from yesterday’s demons

I took it as a sign of good will from the universe

It felt warm in my hand

Turning it over to find a rope design around its edge

With an open eye in the centre

This brought a smile to my face

As if someone had whispered

I am watching you…

©anitadawes 2020

#Wordle ~ 440 #Poetry


I told myself I could not fix the wrong in my life

don’t stand still, start walking

A blue shimmer of light from the woods

Caught my attention. Blink and the world changes

So I kept my eyes wide. A lone fox stared back at me,

dark black eyes full of knowing,

cunning, deemed me no threat, moved on

Standing so close to this wild creature

My heart felt soothed, touched by invisible balm

That’s when I decided to turn off my ring tone

Silence the world outside

I realised the blue light was fading

Trying to hurry towards it, I could feel magic calling

I caught the last shimmer, stood staring at a small pile

of white stones. One blue crystal lay on top

As I touched them, I felt a strange pump

to the beat of my heart as if something had tried

to kick start it into a new rhythm

There was nowhere for the light to have come from

Or know who arranged the stone there

I left the woods feeling glad a strange hand

had placed them there for me to find

Somehow, I knew a part of my life had been fixed

Magic, imagination, strange gift from the woods

I don’t care which. I felt mended

Ready to turn my ringtone back on

Meet the world head on

I would start by opening an account

For the Woodland Trust, by way of thanks

Maybe next year, check into a woodland retreat

I would put the kind of magic I found there

On the National Health, if only I could…

©anitadawes 2020

#The Sunday Whirl ~Wordle 439




One slim chance to catch the wolf

The chill wind at my back

Nicely scratching the itch

A warm sun tendril illuminating

The ground beneath my feet

My home-made arrow flew

Missing the dark brown fur by inches

He lives to swagger through another day

I allow myself one shot, and that was it

Time up, I will set my cloak

same time tomorrow.

Walking home to the hoot of an owl

I knew tomorrows arrow

would miss its target

There’s no fun in taking

down such a beauty

After all, I am not one of

Robin Hoods merry men

My age is ten, the wolf

and I have grown together

I never stand downwind,

so he knows where I am

We are connected…

©anitadawes 2020

#The SundayWhirl ~ #Wordle 438


Some say it is best to cut your cloth

According to the times

I say it is no more than a disguise

To hide the buzz inside your head

To be different, fly your own flag

Fly in the face of convention

To ring the bell, shout for change

Be proud to walk as if you know

the new style you carry has deeper meaning

Let your words channel a new path for the young

Sign your name, tie it in a silken bow, wear it loose

Burn the old files, let the sweetness of sugar

Be the taste for life that guides the new you…

©anitadawes 2020