That Empty Feeling ~ The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 546 ~ #Poetry

That Empty Feeling  

Dawn stretched its red flames
Across the tips of the mountains
Strange mists awoke my mind
The world outside quite still
Something felt off, I could see
only through a blur of old memories
I shouldered my nightgown
hearing only his sound, his voice. He laughed
I turned, expecting to see him standing behind me
Reminding me he liked it off the shoulder
The one that made life hard
To live without…


The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle #542 ~ #Poetry

Hidden noise we do not hear
Yet sinks inside our head
Like the secret noise inside a shell
We take no notice of the sound
Of bare feet on vinyl
We lead strange lives
Hand in hand with superstition
Burying shoes and witches bottles
Under the threshold 
to ward off evil and protect the house
Amidst the strange and wonderful
Like Nero, we play our invisible fiddle
Letting the world spin around us…


The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 539 ~ #Poetry

For me rain brings new smells
The vibration in the air changes
Brushed with new opportunities
There is no hesitation
As I lace my nails with gold varnish
Ready to cut through a new day
The body upstairs lies bleeding
Two shots in the head
Miss Moneypenny insisted 
that the leak be plugged
The facts must remain top secret
Job done; my day had started well…

© AnitaDawes 2022

The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 534 ~ #Poetry

There he stood, caught in my cross hairs
scar on his nose lit by the sun
the brown bear that had left his mark on my back
I held my breath, my body taut
The light behind my back
The Gods had cast his fate into my hands
He turned to face me
His gaze that of a dragon, flames at the ready
For a split second, I felt myself in grave danger
A host of thoughts entered my mind
One being, last time I didn’t have a rifle
Feeling armed, I stood my ground
All those scribbled notes of revenge vanished
As we locked eyes, I could tell he had no interest in me
I lowered my rifle. Today, we both live…

©Anita Dawes 2022

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The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 532 ~ #Poetry

I ignore the sign
Rush towards the crossroads
Trembling, I stand
Unable to choose
Thoughts dip in and out
I let them pass, no use
How can I pick the right road?
Toss a coin, heads you lose
I feel the flow of blood
Rush to my head
I linger too long
Chasing old dreams
I drift toward the right-hand path
My thoughts drifting after me
They fray like old cotton on a slow draft
My path chosen, I let my legs
Take me where they will…