#Jaye’s Journal ~ Week 47

Jaye's Journal x12


I actually took the afternoon off yesterday.

My head was aching, so I switched off the PC, grabbed my gardening jacket and went out to our back garden. It wasn’t raining for a change, but the grass was much too wet to be cut. It was, however, very cold.

Every year about this time, I like to start putting the bonsai to bed. This involves removing all the fallen leaves and any weeds. Yes, even in those small pots we get weeds, usually brought by the wind. Sometimes, the local squirrels like to deposit peanuts and other seeds in them too, despite the thick growth of moss.

Once the trees are bare, I check for damaged or diseased branches. I also remove any branches that have appeared in the wrong place, so much easier to see at this time of year.

By this time my hands were freezing, so I cleared up the mess I made and rushed back indoors. I wasn’t outside long, but my head had cleared and I felt good. Nothing quite like fresh air for blowing the cobwebs away.

And although there is still more to do out there, I was glad to get something done.

Suitably refreshed, I spent the rest of the day working on the post I had promised for Colleen Chesebro about how I managed to create the well-received cover for SPB.

This involved several screenshots to show the process, for I find images far more helpful than words alone, so I am closer to being finished.

We recently sent out a newsletter to our subscribers, (which I feel could have been better, thanking everyone for their support for SPB and news of upcoming events.)

Any chance you could let us know what you thought of it?

We would really appreciate feedback, so future newsletters will be better and more interesting.




At Last… #Poetry


angel-1802589_960_720 (1).jpg

Image by Pixabay.com


At Last

I found myself leaning against the gates of heaven

As if they were no more than the local pub doors

If I push them open, would I find a pint waiting?

I doubt it. Then again, God has been known

To surprise and devastate. With the speed of lightning

Taking my soul. She was the summer rain

I prayed that dry weather should never come

That my arms would hold her for eternity

Now I care not if storms rage for ever.

The air shimmered with star dust; the gates opened

As I fell, I heard her whisper

You’re home at last…



Space for Me




Image by Pixabay.com



Space for Me

Slowly memory returns

As I float like a leaf in the wind

I am deposed, my crown lost

My world taken by disbelievers

No candles lit; no prayers offered

I no longer rule the hearts of men

What is to become of me

A footnote in history

This I cannot allow

The All Father has left a spark within me

I will use it to create a miracle in one lost soul

He will spread the word, my name emblazed in his memory

Lucifer, the fallen one

The All Father should have taken the last spark

To prevent me rising in the hearts of man

That small space that rebels against goodness

Will always be mine…

Anita Signature




image by Pixabay.com




Let the mighty winds prevail

I’ll ride my golden sail

With cosmic powers, I shall claim

The fortunes that are in my name

Let the light of power shine

Within this mortal shell of mine

With the cosmic powers three

I claim all to come to me

Wondrous gifts are given thee

Now you have the power to see

Now is done, my thanks to thee

For as my will, so shall it be…






I was visiting a church to take a rubbing, and as I wandered through the aisles, I fell beneath the cross. Not because I had been struck by some Holy visitation, I simply tripped, not paying attention to my feet. As I felt the cold tiles through my clothing, I had to wonder if I had tripped by accident or some higher purpose.

As I left the church, I felt a hand on my back, gentle and warm. I spun around to see who had touched me. No one stood behind me, yet I could still feel the touch.

Reaching home, the first thing I did was take a shower to wash the weird feeling from my back. I let the water run for a long time, but the feeling remained for three days. I am 24 years old and have never felt religious, yet I found myself reading the bible. The idea of becoming a priest slowly growing inside me.

Who or what had touched me I cannot tell, yet it sent me on a path I had never thought of. I am now a part of something bigger than myself. I had gambled my short life with God and lost. So now he has me.

I have joined the priesthood…

Anita Dawes 2018

Anita’s WIP, explained…


In a land called Summer, lived a man named David.

Who sold his soul back to God to save the life of an angel whose wings had not yet formed.

Whose life had not yet been lived…


When we posted this last week, I had strict instructions.  Instructions I either didn’t fully understand, or promptly forgot!

However, this did not escape Anita’s eagle eyes…

She wanted me to ask all of you, (those who might like the idea) to add a few lines of your own to this snippet of an idea. And I was to run it again… getting it right this time!

If you would like to add something, jot it down in the comments and I will keep adding them to the post! I will be the first to admit this is one crazy idea, but Anita gets them all the time…and sometimes they create something really special.

It could be interesting to see what happens, don’t you think?



The Tree of Life…




The other evening as we watched a  about Budapest called Travel Man on channel four, I caught a quick glimpse of what looked like a metal weeping willow tree and knew I had to find out more about it.

The tree particularly interested me, because one of my hobbies is making wire bonsai trees and although this one looked quite large, it looked beautiful.

I found out that the Tree of Life is a commemoration for the people who risked their lives to help keep the Jewish population of Budapest safe during the days of exportation in WWII. Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat at the time and was one of the principle leaders in the movement to protect the Hungarian Jews. If this group had been caught, they would have been executed.

The famous Tree of Life Memorial is a commemorative sculpture that has its home in the center of Raoul Wallenberg Park.   It was designed to pay tribute to the 5,000 Holocaust victims that are buried in the area. It is made into the shape of a willow tree, which in traditional Hungarian Jewish thinking, is a symbol of mourning. It can also represent an overturned menorah. There is a synagogue here, with some rather famous copies of Torah housed in their ark. This Tree of Life is an amazing work of art, every leaf has the name of a family etched on it.


The park was started in the 1990s after Hungary was returned to a democratic state. A large donation from the world famous Estee Lauder (approximately $5 million U.S.) made the whole memorial possible. The completion of the memorial occurred in 1996.

So many lives lost. I wonder how that has changed the destiny of all those left behind with no sons to carry on the family name. But they have taken more than just the sons or daughters, they have destroyed a complete line of what could have been. What should have been.


All those sons and daughters that should have been born, the weeping willow tree is still weeping today…


Halloween… or Samhain?


I think it must be true that time speeds up as you get older, for it is pumpkin time again, and it doesn’t seem that long since the last one finally shrivelled and was thrown away.

Here in England we don’t seem to celebrate Halloween with quite the same fervour as other countries, but we try. The shops are full of bright orange pumpkins, both real and plastic, witches cauldrons and all kinds of scary things, I wonder why we enjoy being scared so much?

I don’t think Halloween was originally intended to scare the pants off the population. The word ‘Halloween’ means ‘hallowed or holy evening’ and that day was originally dedicated to remembering the dead and honouring their memory, in readiness for All Souls Day (1st November)which is quite a departure from ghouls, ghosts and scary pumpkins.
I have always believed (I am a bit of a pagan at heart) that it was an ancient Celtic religious festival called Samhain (31st October-1st November) along with Imbolc (31st January-1st February) Beltane (30th April-1st May) and Lughnasadh (31st July-1st August). You will notice that these festivals are meticulously spaced throughout the year, and the equinoxes slot tidily in between and that has to mean something. Not just a scary day if you see what I mean.

There is quite a sad legend about the carved pumpkins or Jack-o-lanterns. A miserly character called Jack was fond of tricking everyone, including the devil, and when he died he was turned away from heaven due to his life of sin.
But the devil wouldn’t let him into hell either and he was cursed to travel the earth for ever.
As he left the gates the hell, the devil threw him a hot ember to light his way. Jack put it inside a hollowed out turnip and the legend was born…

Well, happy Halloween and good luck with your trick or treating whatever your feelings on the subject. I think we human beings are a little obsessed with death because we can’t really understand it, and therefore tend to fear it. But we have discovered over the years that if we make light of this fear with a traditional festival or celebration, we can bring it out into the open where we can all look at it in the company of other people.
And have fun at the same time, of course…