My First Trip to Scotland…


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My First Trip to Scotland

My first trip to Scotland had to be Loch Ness.

I would be the one to find Nessie.

Cameral ready, I sat for hours that felt like days

Numb bum was setting in,

I had no intentions of moving

The long stretch of glass-like water

Had me spellbound

I knew underneath that dancing light

Nessie might be swimming in the darkness

Waiting to pop up just for me

I wondered how he managed to stay alive so long

Did he have a companion, young ones?

To keep this story alive

The day grew old, the loch became choppy

Creating all kinds of strange images

In my mind’s eye, yet no Nessie

Finally, time for me to move

I would come again tomorrow on my last day

Much the same as yesterday, no Nessie

Time to go home, not too disappointed

That I had not captured this elusive creature

As I had made two very good friends

That I could visit again…

©anitadawes 2020

February’s Speculative Fiction Prompt from


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Snow Storm

Molly the elephant lay dreaming

of a snowstorm, a blue dolls house stuck in a tree.

Tiny white mice huddled there on the roof.

“Fear not, I will set you free…”

She pushed and shoved with all her might

The tree held fast to mice and house.

A voice was heard from high above

“There is no need to shake with all your might

The mice can climb upon your back

to safety, you can carry.”

All night she trudged through deepening snow

the morning light was waking slow.

The blue house stood to the right

windows burning bright beneath the tree of evergreen.

Her family waking, lived outside.

Her dream she told, her mother smiled,

“There are no mice outside this house…”


#Wordle 379






I dread the frost chill of morning

My thoughts twist like barbwire

Remembering the shock, the life I took.

Each time the same face before me

Blood on my hands.

I wish someone could help me to understand.

Stuck between nightmare and reality

I can no longer filter the truth.

Did I do this dreadful thing?

I tell myself it must have taken

Place in some other timeline.

Karma I have to work through

A memory I cannot shake.

It clings to me, fills every pore.

There is no way to mend this dreadful deed

How can I give back a life taken?

I sleep each night, hoping it is in my past

I pray to God it isn’t something yet to come…


Mermaids Tears



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I think the greatest magic on this earth is to be found in water. Any kind of water, whether it is the powerful oceans or the peacefully slow moving rivers.

I have found magic in mighty waterfalls and simple rock pools, and love nothing better than being close to it. I have spent many happy hours beachcombing, looking for shells and driftwood, and the occasional piece of sea glass.

Sea glass, or mermaids tears, as it is sometimes called, is just ordinary pieces of glass, chemically weathered and tumbled beneath the waves to produce beautifully smooth frosted pebbles.

This process takes a long time, and each piece contains its own mystery of where it came from and how it ended up in the sea. It could be from a shipwreck or a message in a bottle, the possibilities are endless. It can be almost any colour, but black is supposed to be the rarest, although it must be hard to spot among the pebbles on a beach.

Sea glass has been called a reverse gem, for most of the gem stones that we recognise have been made by nature and refined by man. Sea glass is the opposite, but I suspect it is a lot more complicated than that.

One thing has always puzzled me. Why isn’t there more to be found? I have searched for most of my life and only found a few pieces, probably because I am looking in all the wrong places.

Whatever the truth of it all, I think it is magical and I treasure my collection.

Maybe it is because I too am flotsam, thrown up on life’s beach. Waiting to be found and treasured by a fool like me…

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I was bored the other day and started thinking about my heroes. If I could spend fifteen minutes in their company who would I like to shake hands with?

My number one is Elvis Presley, not the man on the silver screen but the man behind it.

HG Wells. I would ask him to take me on the time machine. We would ride back in history and I would shake hands with Shakespeare, ask him to give me tips on writing. I would love to sit and have coffee with all the great poets, to hear their voices and feel their passion.

I have a list of heroes as long as my arm.

Sathya Sai Baba, so I can see for myself if he can do all the things I have read about him.

The Dalai Lama, so he can tell me if he really feels reincarnated from the last Dalai Lama. I might need more than fifteen minutes here.

Then there are all the fictional characters I love. I would like to spend time in the jungle with Tarzan, being wild and free. I would spend weeks in a cave with the wizard Merlin. Magic and legend, I cannot get enough of it. I would save time to sit with Pythagoras, Tolkien, Hans Christian Anderson, to name but a few. John Dunne has a way with words that stay long after I have read them.

If I must pick only one hero, it would be HG Wells. He could take me back to ancient Rome and Greece, to watch the pyramids being built.  I would barely remember to stop for food, for I want to know everything, see the past, right back to the beginning of the Big Bang.

The Bible, and how much of it is true, Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden. Moses parting the sea. The burning bush, I would like a few words there too. Moses should have come down that mountain with a lot more than Ten Commandments. Jesus, healing the sick, how much to believe. I think there is a little truth in all things. Myth magic and fairy tales are my past escape. Angels, not so much, although I would like to fly, to be like my childhood hero, Superman.

I used to steal my brother’s comics and read for hours, imagining I was all kinds of people. Tomorrow, I would be Achilles, fighting with his Myrmidons.

I think I should stop now and jog back to my own time…

Who would you like to spend time with?

©Anita Dawes

Anita’s Journey to the Planets ~The Spiral Galaxy

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We live on the edge of a wonderful spiral galaxy.

The Milky Way, a remarkable sight, a special band of light.

But beware, there are dark regions within the bands of light where interstellar dust blocks the light of distant stars.

The area of sky that the Milky Way obscures is called the Zone of Avoidance. A place I have no wish to visit. Neither do I wish to get close to the black hole in the centre of our spiral galaxy. I have no wish to touch upon the dark matter that hides from our sunlight either.

The dark matter halo does appeal to my sense of wonder, but I cannot go there for it is time to move on.

I would have liked to visit Andromeda, for that name has long fascinated me. Alas, it is time to go home and Andromeda will have to wait until next time.

It is time to go back to our Blue Planet.

I look back towards our galaxy, the Milky Way, high enough to see the pregnant bulge, her arms moving through space, gathering more stars to her heart. I feel giddy as I watch this amazing galaxy with its giant halo spinning wild like a giant cowboys lasso.

Here my journey ends, I am back on Terra Firma, wondering what adventure I can choose next…

Thank you to everyone who journeyed with me! 



Anita’s Journey to the Planets ~ Neptune

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This royal blue Planet, the colour of our sea, reminds me of the Sea God Neptune with his trident, controlling the oceans. Driving those further back up the beach who venture too close to his waters. I often think he must be having an off day.

I hear the waves crash against the rocks, the sound like giant hands clapping. I am glad I am not caught between those rocks and a hard place.

This mystical sapphire, this blue wonder holds me in its gaze, a jewel in anyone’s crown but I have to leave it where it hangs like a lucky blue spot, for I have one more stop before I return home.

As I do so, I hear the crash of waves and am reminded of my favourite place, Cornwall…

Join me tomorrow, as I take one last look at our spiral galaxy?



Anita’s Journey to the Planets ~ Uranus


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What can I say about this grey-blue Planet with rings so similar to Saturn, yet not so wondrous?

I feel as though something is missing, for Uranus, the Magician hides his magic.

Yet I can feel it, soft and gentle, whispering old stories that my mind cannot quite catch. I am reminded that they are not mine in the first place, but I want one to keep, to bring back with me to write about.

It would be something not yet heard on Earth. What a bestseller it would be. Maybe when I return home, the Magician will send it to me in a dream, from start to finish for me to remember when I wake.

With my fingers crossed, I leave Uranus. Just for a moment, I believe I could see Merlin waving me on to Neptune and I am filled with new hope…

Join me tomorrow on my journey to Neptune, the mystic planet?