#Writephoto ~ Clarity

Thursday photo prompt: Clarity #writephoto


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Image by scvincent.com

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a seashore with a clear, turquoise sea, bordered by small islands and a rocky headland .



The fog has lifted

My eyes are open

I feel sand between my toes

Clear blue sea taking my footprints

A part of me washed away

As if I had never stood there.

Why had it taken so long for me

to see what was under my nose?

So much beauty

hidden by fogged up thinking

My mind illuminated

by the clarity of the moment

Seeing clearly is like feeling for the first time

Why was today different?

I believe it was the silence, the peace

The gentle lapping of water

Washing my fears away…

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#Writephoto ~ Castle

Thursday photo prompt: Castle #writephoto



Image by scvincent.com




Blue purple clouds above the castle dark

My body lying in the silver water below

My soul trapped within black castle walls

I wait, a ghost you cannot see.

The chains that held me,

hang against damp walls

My tormentors long gone, a forgotten time

Damp walls pulse with remembered pain

There are few visitors to this dark place

They never come twice

Strange feelings creep into the skin

They carry them away for a few weeks

My hope is one visitor will see me

Hear my whispered voice

They can read about my plight

In a paperback novel.

I need someone sensitive

to the horrors of this place

to feel my presence

lay flowers on the silver waters outside

reunite soul and body, help me move on

to pray for the ghost, they cannot see…

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#Writephoto ~ Span #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Span #writephoto

Image by scvincent.com


My long wished for garden

It is unknown to me

It hides in the space between space

Yet I know it well

Two beautiful trees stand sentinel by the river

Guarding the sacred space

The land spilt by water long ago

Each half like giant hands

Lovingly hold the tiny bridge in place

Spanning the space below

It is a bridge to nowhere

Will you be lost to a world unknown to you?

An adventure?

Soft green grass above

Cool flowing water below

Which walk will take you where you want to go?

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#Writephoto ~ Open

Thursday photo prompt: Open #writephoto

Image by scvincent.com


Empty Rooms

To enter here is to lose your mind, your life

The house is reforming, rebuilding itself

Moving rooms from one end to the other

Building new ones, losing others

Should you be in one when it is lost

There is no telling where you will end up

Or how you will return to your own world

The house does not like the door shut

It is jammed open by a strange slab of concrete

Wedged tight against the bottom of the doorframe

Another, sloping away wedged against the outer frame

Making sure the door stays where it is

The interior is dark, moody, full of menace

Some say this is due to the missing rooms

The souls lost in the vanishing

It is a soundless place, yet the air is full of wanting

The door jam quivers as if something below

Is trying to move them, to close the door

To keep all trapped inside

Moving them around, like living pieces on a chess board

Outside there is a board with names of the foolish ones who entered

And yet the rooms appear to be completely empty

If you ask the locals, why they haven’t pulled the place down

They will tell you they have tried

Hammers bounce off the walls as if they are made of rubber

A lit match has no effect, the flame blows out

Before you can touch the building

They stand outside yelling, let us know you are still there

No returning sound has ever been heard

Others will tell you it’s not true, just Chinese Whispers

An old building left to rot, nothing more

Would you enter to find the truth?

Would you walk through those empty rooms?

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#Writephoto ~ Forgotten #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Forgotten #writephoto



The constant drum beat of time

Has taken its toll on this beautiful building

Nature too has placed its mark

Yet the small oak door seems to have stood the test of time

Age has not touched it, silently inviting you to enter

Come see what lies beneath the blue grey granite walls

Right now, I am fascinated by the face of a young girl

Her eyes wide, with a touch a blonde hair

Overshadowed by the green passing of time

Beside her see the face of a man

He wears a flat hat, short trimmed beard

And appears to be on guard. A sentinel, watching over her

How have these strange marks appeared on the stone?

Did the weathering of time chisel them there?

I fear that it may not be by design

I see the sadness in her eyes

Did she exist before her countenance was placed there?

By some strange other world powers?

Does her story lie beyond the oak door?

Do I take up the silent invitation?

I decided that some thing should remain a mystery

Maybe another day I will pick up the gauntlet

Enter the hallowed room beyond the wall

Hoping there is a back door to the forest beyond

Her story is old, held by time

She will be waiting when I am ready to step inside…


Can you see her face?




#Writephoto ~ Choices #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Choices #writephoto



So small do I stand of soft grey waves

The gentle whisper of many voices as it reaches the shore

Choices I made washed out to sea

On my walk through to town I see



A strange gargoyle, face hidden by fingers of stone

Small brood of ladybirds paint empty eye sockets red

A gift of life to see through rose-coloured hues

I move to walk away, is that a smile I see?



To grey forest I walk to find one large ring doughnut tree

A small opening where I can see

Far more than lies beyond its shape

Tiny creatures dance with lanterns lit

Bird song joins in peals of laughter

I walk away as if from Celtic dream


Old snapshot found when I reach home

Blue sea mountains, lush green valleys

Pastures new, where I might roam…



#Writephoto – Yearning #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Yearning #writephoto


a channel of water flowing out to sea, with the sun reflecting on the water.

Image by Scvincent.com



Sunlit Water

The lonely river runs across the dark land

Searching beneath blistered coloured skies

Sunlit ocean waits below

There is an urgency, a beckoning

To be wanted, welcomed, swallowed by a loving embrace

before Spring winds carry more parts away

To join the circle of return

The river needs to reach the ocean

Before being carried upwards, to return again

An old yearning to leave part of self behind

Safe in the oceans embrace

A place where all things are remembered

Water holds its own with memory older than time

There are many parts of the same body

Water will always find its own

May you also find your loving embrace…



#Writephoto # Transition/Changes #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Transition #writephoto



Image by scvincent.com




Time and space

Cannot change the light to dark

It has been that way from the start

In your mind, you hold the key

Remain in darkness or set yourself free

Walk from the hidden shadows

You have inhabited too long

There are many vistas for you to see

Take a chance, walk through the garden

The blue-grey path

Use the key, set your feet on new ground

Become a part of beauty all around

Key in hand you reach the door

Do not hesitate, don’t turn back

Let new life sustain you

Bring you back from dark to light…


#Writephoto ~ Wicker

Thursday photo prompt: Wicker #writephoto


Image by scvincent.com


Twisted sisters

From willow branches, we three are made

Step inside our sweet embrace

We will take you to the gates of hell

Knock three times, receive what is offered

If you have not wet your pants by then

We will grant the wish that is in your hand

That is if you dare to let us see

Thinking nothing good ever comes from hell

On our return, remember this

The third one is the charm

That is me. No, it is me,

I told you, it is me. Now make your choice

Which one of us will free the wish you hold?

Only one can grant it well

The wrong choice will take you back to hell

Do not linger too long in our embrace…


#Writephoto ~ Rooted

Thursday photo prompt: Rooted #writephoto


Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 14.56.27.png

Image by scvincent.com




Two trees grow side-by-side, time weaving their pattern across the dusty pathway, a strange maze of hard bones, like arms waiting to greet you.

Below, soft roots entangle like lovers holding hands, searching for the life- sustaining water so new leaves can grow on the branches above.

This dance of love can last for more than a hundred years.

The spirit of any tree is gentle. I have noticed when walking in the woods, the wind drops and the trees stand still as if in salute, a thank you for your visit.

They communicate with each other, leaning their branches towards oncoming footsteps. If they feel the approach is harmful, they lean away from danger. From young boys with sticks beating against their trunks.

They remember your touch, the sound of your voice. In a way, they remind me of elephants for many of their trunks have a similar pattern to an elephant’s skin.

When I take a walk to visit my favourite tree, I have noticed on a warm day when there is no breeze to speak of, the leaves on its branches lift in a sweet rustling. The sound of welcome.

You may think me daft, but find a tree that speaks to you, put your palms on its trunk, lay your troubles at its roots. You may just feel a good deal lighter on your way back home.

Something will call you back to that same tree.

It is a friend of a different kind…