#Writephoto ~ Keep #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Keep #writephoto



Image by scvincent.com

For visually challenged writers, the image shows the ruined tower of a castle, seen through the cross-shaped window of another tower.


I am cast in stone

Chained beneath the castle walls

My soul yearning to be set free

The dark cross sentinels

Guard the three remaining towers

So many come,

they gaze upon my fallen walls

Never hearing my voice

No mind open to hear my plea

From the fall of Camelot

I have tried to let them know

There is a way to set me free…

©anitadawes 2020



#Writephoto ~ Presence #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Presence #writephoto



Image by scvincent.com



I am lost in dreaming

The feel of your hand in mine

Dark lonely nights remembered

Inside the tall grey stone

Our time has fled

The circle closing

Ancestors whispering

Their footsteps echo back in time

I see them still

When the mist is rising

Happy, smiling,

their tall grey sentinels protecting

a way of life no longer remembered

scant mention in printed substance

should you visit the stones

you will find us here

a sudden breeze, a warmth

a whispered song

a sudden shimmer of grey

around the standing stones

don’t say, am I only dreaming…



#Writephoto ~ Fume #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Fume #writephoto

Another inspiring image from Sue Vincent!

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a line of leaf-bare trees outlined against a pall of white smoke, brightly lit from within. The shape made by the smoke looks rather like the head of a mythical beast…


Something snapped

The world broke, turned black

One anomaly remained

Light from a new world

I stood witness to the birth of silence

My body ached,

to scream with joy or fear

I knew not which

Managing to let go of the breath

I had been holding

I heard the crackling of the fire.

My eyes filled with smoke

My beautiful vision of a new world

turned to horror at the sudden cleansing

I held on to the feeling, I had witnessed

Something strange within the smoke.

The feeling lingered

as I ran from the flames

Trying to give voice to something new

Something waiting…




#Writephoto ~ Offering #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Offering #writephoto


The Offering: painting and photo © Sue Vincent at scvincent.com


For visually challenged writers, the image shows a female figure, translucent and rainbow coloured, emerging from mist in which many shapes move. She is holding a bowl. Before her are strange blue pinnacles… which could be close or distant, spires, ice or… something else…


I let the iridescent colours flood my mind as I watched

this ethereal woman holding a bowl towards me

When she spoke, I felt electricity run through my veins

A warm caress of something strange

Half remembered, yet with no name

Had I stood on this same spot before?

Why is she holding the bowl towards me?

That I remember filling in my teens

Long forgotten now

Am I being given another chance to fill the bowl?

With the right things.

Thoughts, desires for the life ahead?

I stood there thinking, be careful what you wish for

A warning flashing like a neon light inside my head

So I asked that the bowl contain

Gratitude for all I have and all I shall receive…


#Writephoto ~ Chill

Thursday photo prompt: Chill #writephoto



For visually challenged writers, the image shows a landscape wearing a light dusting of snow. From the hill, where skeletal heather and brown grasses pierce the snow, a valley spreads out below, lit by the rays of a pale sun.



Light shining from a thousand different worlds

That our eyes cannot see while we stand

on hard snow frosted ground.

The heart says yes, they are there. One day soon,

lucky heather may give me a glimpse

Of the world hidden within the light

For now, I wonder at the beauty

The majesty of such a sight

that my eyes can see. As I go to walk away,

looking back at my empty footprints

Could someone be following me?

I see the light shift, as though blown by the wind

A dancing curtain of light, teasing my mind

Strange images, stranger sounds

Haunt my journey home…


#Writephoto ~ Shimmer #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Shimmer #writephoto


Image by scvincent.com

For visually challenged writers, the image shows the dark silhouette of an island in a shimmering lake, surrounded by shadowy hills. The sun is breaking out from behind the clouds in rayed splendour.


Fireflies shimmer

Dancing on the edge of my tongue

Late-night sun, painting dark shadows

lacing white clouds in a world that is not mine

The moon hides her face, is she in mourning?

She holds the answer beneath the pale

incandescent carpet of liquid light

dividing the dark sacred land

Time echoes stories, legends of dragon’s lair

Treasures to be found, the brightest jewel

The best of these is the image you see

In the gold-laced mirror

Don’t hide your light

where sun and moon cannot shine

Let your feet dance

on shining lakes of liquid time…


#Writephoto ~ Afar #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Afar #writephoto



For visually challenged writers, the image shows green fields leading to distant, snow-covered hills, lit with the pink-gold glow of sunset.


I stand on pagan feet, verdant beneath

beside winter stripped leaves

my eyes roam the blue snow laced hills

where legends speak

of heavy snow that hides a secret

the palm sized hailstone

frozen rain that will not melt

many search for it to find themselves lost

cradled by the hills

 time shifts in strange ways for some

other feet walk beside them

they carry home a mystic feeling

of something known, no need for words

others feel the need to run screaming

to the safety of home

no one leaves these hills without a story to tell…


#Writephoto ~ Light #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Light #writephoto


Image by scvincent.com

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a woodland scene with a dusting of snow and the sun, rising as a rayed orb through the boughs of a tree.

This week, Sue Vincent has given us this beautiful image prompt, and this is what Anita has written…

Sun frosted leaves folding in harmony

Boughs crossed in blessing to an ancient time

Snow faced sun rising, a pale orb

A gentle reminder of Holy sites remembered

Snow covered land melting

Yet the old ways remain

Safe from church builders

Pagan ground hidden from Papist hands

Many still gather to give thanks

To the great perhaps…


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#Writephoto ~ Glow

Thursday photo prompt: Glow #writephoto

Image by scvincent.com


Meet me one last time to watch the sunrise

Before the blood of the Gods is taken

By the light of day

Their eyes blind to the beauty

Their own fury creates

They trust so little in love

Feuds erupt when it turns in on them

A beautiful maid becomes a reed

Another sent to Hades

Heroes born from forced labour

Where would we be without Hercules, Achilles

Helen and the many hearts she broke

So many stories born

where the sun breaks through

Where would we be without the dawn

And our imagination

I for one, would lose all inspiration

May the battle of the Gods

Continue creating…



#Writephoto ~ Web #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Web #writephoto



Image by scvincent.com


Inside the broken castle walls

An ancient suit of armour stands empty

Her silken thread weaving, time passing

Long lost fairy tales hidden beneath her touch

Great battles lose their meaning

When our lack of immortality

Can clearly be seen

By a tiny arachnid, doing what she does best

Laying a blanket of silk across all she sees

With no heed to what lies beneath

She cares not for time passing

Break her web, find a treasure waiting.