#Writephoto ~ Reaching #Poetry

Due to our wi fi malfunction, we are a little late posting our entry for Sue Vincents #Writephoto challenge.

Better late  than never, I say!


Thursday photo prompt: Reaching #writephoto


Image by scvincent.com


I fly over land and sea

Finding all I am meant to see

Astral body glowing bright

Alongside birds who fly at night

I see tall dark trees in winters light

Reaching for each other to say goodnight

Spring returns with summers oncoming light

New warmth returning bright green leaves

We sleep now beneath soft grey clouds

Curtains drawn against the dying of the light

A strip of blue as a reminder of days return

With a slow spinning world

We root our lives upon…


#Writephoto ~ Poise #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Poised #writephoto

Featured Image -- 54363

The image shows a leaf-strewn flight of stone-cut steps descending into a hole in the ground. Poised to ascend…or descend… is the dark silhouette of a strange figure…

Old Ones


An ancient creature whose face is hidden

Behind the mouth of a cave

The sound of footsteps

Is his home about to be invaded?

If captured, he would become a specimen

In a zoo.

It’s life, but not as he knows it

Nor wants it to be

He cannot run or blend in with the garden

He lives in

A secret place he believed would shield him

Keep him safe

Footsteps too near now, his heart pounding

Is it men with a gun as he had seen years ago?

When he had been left as a baby to fend for himself

Too small to be seen

Not this time, it is a female of his own kind

He cared not where she came from

His loneliness is over

Now he will block the inner opening with boulders

So, they will be free, safe to live their own way.

©Anita Dawes


#Writephoto ~ Frozen #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Frozen #writephoto


This week, Sue’s word is Frozen and the stunning image shows a pink and frosty dawn and a path of cracked ice leading towards the horizon…



Image by scvincent.com


Evening sun dips

Hiding behind this frozen land

Bathing the ancient fjord

In the pink and purple hues of twilight

This narrow strip of ice, melting its way to the sea

Across the burnt-out bones of a long-forgotten woodland

the echoes of yesterday may still be heard

beside the cracking ice, this frozen pathway beckons.

what if I follow, lose myself to the melt waters?

would my soul return with the next snowfall?

©Anita Dawes

#Writephoto ~ Mirror

Thursday photo prompt: Mirror #writephoto

Image by Pixabay.com

The image shows green trees that ring a still pool. The sun shines brightly through the branches, casting a perfect reflection…and on the surface of the water, rainbows dance.


Have the spirit of the trees

Fallen in love with their image

As narcissus did long ago?

Are we beguiled by the perfect twin

Looking back from the mirror surface?

Place your hand on the cool green water

See your image distort, fragment

What effect does this have

On the still face above?



#Writephoto ~ Journey #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Journey #writephoto


Image by scvincent.com


Other Footsteps

I manage to get caught

in a sudden downpour

Sheltering under a tree,

I noticed the silhouette of a man

His feet seemed rooted to the hill,

as if some strange force

had stopped him mid journey.

The shape of this figure seemed

to me to be bent forward

As if trying to continue on his way.

I felt the urgency in this lonely image

Where was he going, what was he looking for?

Why did I feel connected to his sadness?

Would I find out if I continued my own journey

The way he is facing

Would I find the answer he could not?

I walked on hoping time would tell his secret longing…


#Writephoto ~ Within #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Within #writephoto



Image supplied by scvincent.com


Different Eyes

Although I am sitting safe inside

the hollow space of an ancient dolman

The land outside with its long hill

Scattered rocks, could be an alien landscape

Here I could meet new souls

Expand my mind with knowledge

yet unknown to those of us on earth

Teach me how to save this beautiful blue planet

The ancient dolman whispered its own secrets

As I sat in silence with my companion

Waiting for the stars to appear

I had no words as I held my breath

I was looking at a dark blanket

Of diamond sparkling stars

More than I had seen before

My heart could hold no more of the wonder

Without letting my tears fall

How can the massive destruction above our heads

Be clever enough to leave us the beauty of such violence

I care not, so long as I can look upon this moment in time

I felt pleased with myself for deciding to stay so long

To see the outer edge of the milky way

Our home…

Anita Signature

#Writephoto ~ Destination

Thursday photo prompt: Destination #writephoto




Image by scvincent.com


For visually challenged writers, the image shows a path between an avenue of trees. Shadows from hidden sunlight fall across the path, but mist obscures the way forward…


Through the sunlit cathedral

Could I be looking at the mists of Avalon?

Are Arthur and Merlin waiting beyond the veil?

If I continue walking, would I finally find Camelot?

Would the true mysteries be revealed to me?

My heart was pounding, my footsteps slow to a crawl

If I entered the mist, would I return, would I want to?

Part of me willed the mist to clear, to see nothing more

than the continuing avenue of gold tipped trees

I reached the tree where the half-clipped moon shone through

I stood still, hardly breathing

My soul longing to walk through the mist

Find Camelot and beg the Gods to let me stay.

My true thinking mind knew better

Some mysteries must remain unknown…

Anita Signature



#Writephoto ~ Aflame

Thursday photo prompt: Aflame #writephoto




Image by scvincent.com


For visually challenged writers, the image shows an empty landscape beneath a blue sky. Darkness gathers above the horizon and between land and cloud, the sky is aflame…



Below dark, moody clouds

The dragon roars his displeasure

Painting a scar, a flame,

Of red and gold

Between earth and sky

He knows nothing of

The beauty he has given

It is for our eyes only

His anger, our pleasure…

Anita Signature

#Writephoto ~ Clarity

Thursday photo prompt: Clarity #writephoto


Featured Image -- 51860

Image by scvincent.com

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a seashore with a clear, turquoise sea, bordered by small islands and a rocky headland .



The fog has lifted

My eyes are open

I feel sand between my toes

Clear blue sea taking my footprints

A part of me washed away

As if I had never stood there.

Why had it taken so long for me

to see what was under my nose?

So much beauty

hidden by fogged up thinking

My mind illuminated

by the clarity of the moment

Seeing clearly is like feeling for the first time

Why was today different?

I believe it was the silence, the peace

The gentle lapping of water

Washing my fears away…

Anita Signature

#Writephoto ~ Castle

Thursday photo prompt: Castle #writephoto



Image by scvincent.com




Blue purple clouds above the castle dark

My body lying in the silver water below

My soul trapped within black castle walls

I wait, a ghost you cannot see.

The chains that held me,

hang against damp walls

My tormentors long gone, a forgotten time

Damp walls pulse with remembered pain

There are few visitors to this dark place

They never come twice

Strange feelings creep into the skin

They carry them away for a few weeks

My hope is one visitor will see me

Hear my whispered voice

They can read about my plight

In a paperback novel.

I need someone sensitive

to the horrors of this place

to feel my presence

lay flowers on the silver waters outside

reunite soul and body, help me move on

to pray for the ghost, they cannot see…

Anita Signature