#Writephoto ~ Guarded ~ #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Guarded #writephoto

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a pathway through the bracken of the moors towards a distant horizon crowned by a hill. The path is flanked by a huge rock…

∼ ∼ ∼ ∼ ∼

You don’t walk across the moors.
So much as wear them,
like your favourite Sloppy Joe’s
an old armchair that’s a perfect fit.
where the horizon is always in the distance
beckoning you on,
the bracken a familiar carpet
your mind remembers.
huge rocks, boulders echo
their secrets as you pass.
here, the land is guarded.
by an outpouring of love,
food for the soul
should you walk this path
at a certain time of the morning
find that drag mark on the dust.
the arrow headed stone
like a pointing finger.
would you dare to stand on it?
hear the secrets of the universe?

© Anita Dawes 2021

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