The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 554

Thunder woke my sleep
Lightning turned my room translucent
As if I were dreaming
There is order in the world I am told
I freeze, this is different
There in the light I could see forms, people
Are they on a journey? 
passing through our world?
Guided by the power of lightening
I search their faces, wondering
If there could be someone I know
It is spellbinding, I am drawn to them
They are pointing north, 
as if trying to tell me something
So much in a flash of lightning
I took it to be a sacred moment
If it is something I am meant to know
It will come to me…


The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 503 ~ #Poetry

The grounds beneath the thunder began to shake
The man fell to his knees
In the open, he began to pray
The odds of a lightning chase
Were too large to number.
His knees sank into the rain soaked ground
Dishevelled, time marched by
In a stat of fear, he tried to count his blessings,
the bounty that lay before him
His mind twisted with fear, he could see none of it
The dark wick at the back of his mind, flared
He remembered his pills
On the soak filled ground, he blessed the peace
The little white pills would bring
Within a minute, he could say let the thunder roar,
the lightning crash, he can stand now!
the cold material of his trousers clinging to his legs
the searing pain as lightning struck his back…

© Anita Dawes 2021

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge


Colleen has asked the experts to put a poetry writing spell on you! This is her 200th Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge! Happy Poetry Writing!

This month’s theme is:

Hocus Pocus Film GIF

Lightning strikes
Feathers flying
While chasing angels
with frozen, trembling hands
Thunder rolling through black clouds
Dark rivers run past ancient walls
Wizards broken wand about to fall
The illusion of power built on lies…

©anitadawes 2020

No More… #Poetry




No More

When the night falls

Doors close all around you

The world is still

Thunder breaks the silence

Lightning strikes

Branches fly through windows

Sea defences break by oceans roar

All hell let loose,

the devil has come to call

There is stillness no more…