Under Dark Eyelids… #Poetry

Image by Alicja from Pixabay 
Sliding into darkness, searching for a part of me
Under dark eyelids, there is another I don’t recognise
Playing music underground, reaching above 
       there is a raggedy man searching
Evening rain, stepping out to a face full of tears
Running, slipping, searching for that spark
Intelligence, a dirty word against the graffiti painted walls
Night, a lighter shade of darkness, can I get back there?
Tell my story, in words they will believe
Energise the spark, bring back the shine
Let the Gods of love call my name
Love that holds the spark in gentle hands
Inside the world of dreaming there's a happy ending
Grateful lovers will agree with me
Every touch remembered, a story to tell
Never let the spark go out, keep the darkness away
Catch me before I fall out of love
Ending are lonely, never a happy place to be…


Dark Skies… #Poetry

Image by FotoXCapture from Pixabay

Under dark skies I hang
Nearer to earth, I
Dare to step where man has stood
Energy swirling, screaming, waiting
Reaching, wondering are we better
      than some of our parts?
Caring little for the answer
Under cover of darkness
Reaching out, mind
Running, searching for that silver smile
Every face grim, eyes dull
Nearer now to earth, I find 
the one true light of her eyes…


Unseen Hands… #Poetry

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Magic made by unseen hands
After years of darkness
Nephilim walking out of hiding
Daring to seek the light
After decades of darkness, the
Light burns, burning his mind
Over time, his tears leave scorch marks
Rivers of red run dry
Inside his chest, his heart beats too fast
All that was meant 
never came to pass…


Sheer Terror… #Acrostic Poetry

Screaming in my head broke the silence
Under cover of darkness, they moved
Pulsing, like a broken strobe light
Eyes open, my body frozen
Rain on my window, like thunder crashing
In time held still, tears formed
None could fall, my body motionless
Terror took over from screaming
Every sound heightened, blood coursing, 
                                   a thundering waterfall
Light has a sound of its own, humming gently
Letting hope in, past the darkness
Insidious shadow beings, chasing the light
Gaining time stolen from another dimension
Early morning light, slid into my room
Nearer to the shadows fading
Clearing my mind, my body restoring movement
Every part of the night vanished; fear melted…


Do you see the word this stunning acrostic poem was created for?

No me again today, folks.

Sorry about that, but had a big old very bad tooth out yesterday and my face and head ache feel like I’ve been smacked with a mallet… Jaye

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge

#TankaTuesday 2/8/22 #Poetry Challenge No. 260, #SpecificForm: Abhanga

Old Melodies

Long locked inside the dark
my heart took sudden flight
my eyes did see the light
through old sorrows

Darkness tells of old days
taken by memories
so long old melodies
lost to my mind


What Lives Inside… #Poetry

There is a tiny devil inside my mind.
Stroking my ego, telling me how clever I am
He is forgetting one thing.
I have looked into the darkness.
And wondered, what kind of devil lives inside his mind?
Is his ego stroked into believing
he is the best there is, no one above him?
Some days I see him in my mirror.
A dark cloud waiting to break.
That’s how I know the day goes.
Like thunderstorms inside my mind
Darker, when I must bite back my thoughts.
Not everyone would be ready to hear my opinion of them.
Growing up, I would be told,
keep your tongue between your teeth,
don’t let the devil out.
I have not managed to keep the devil down.
When he is telling me I am right
I can often put my foot in it.
The older I am, the smaller he appears to be.
The days less stormy, clouds part, I see the sun.
Yet I know he is waiting in the wings.
Ready with his gentle touch…

© Anita Dawes 2021

#Writephoto ~ Darkness ~ #poetry

Thursday Photo Prompt- Darkness # WritePhoto

This week’s prompt ~ Darkness

ge by scvincent.com

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a bank of dark clouds rolling in across a sunny moor, casting its shadow on the hills of the horizon.

For some, the moors can be a lonely place
Where old dreams go to hide
Waiting the right footsteps to re awaken
Under dark clouds, magic can be heard
Living shadows run across the hills
Who are they, what chases them?
What stories hide withing their dark folds
Do the ancient ones continue dreaming?
As they run through the dark hills
Remembering youth
Do they leave a breath of hope?
For you to walk through
To hold their stories, tell them anew
The moors, with their welcoming arms
Of old and new
Like walking through a pick and mix store
With something for everyone…

©anitadawes 2020