God’s Fingers…

Image from Pixabay.com

I had been walking for a while, and it seemed like a lifetime.

The woods all around me were quiet, almost brooding in the gloom. Weak sunlight struggled to find a way through the dense canopy above me.

The damp air smelled old, musty, full of life lived. Life that lingered among the trees, much like me today.

How much further had I to go?

The rambling, overgrown path seemed to indicate the way to go, but was it the right way for me. Would it lead me home?

I needed to rest awhile, more to determine my future if this path was yet again the wrong one for me, so I found a mossy bank with a friendly tree to lean against and made myself comfortable.

Did I want to leave the peaceful security of these woods, take the obvious path and take my chances?

I knew that this path was possibly the wrong choice, the last of a long list of mistakes in my life.

I looked around, hoping to see a better way, but the woods intended to keep their secrets. The filtered sunlight was making me sleepy – maybe I could postpone my decision for a while…

© Jaye Marie 2021