Bad Zeus… #Poetry

Image by Jacques GAIMARD from Pixabay

Zeus, King of the Gods
Is no more than a rotten, unfaithful husband
Who cannot keep it in his pants
Fathering demigods here and there
Even playing the hero
Giving birth to one of his offspring
From his own thigh
Turning himself into a swan
Cute as that may be, doesn’t cut it in my book
Neat trick, though.
Just goes to show it’s hard to find a good man
Above or below
Years ago, I was advised to keep looking
As many do make it to their
fiftieth anniversary and beyond
Without falling from the tracks
Let’s hope Santa has a surprise
on the back of his sleigh this year…

© anita dawes 2020

#The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 468 ~ Poetry

No time for dancing, Wednesday vanished in a flash
I had two books left to review,
I would have to turn up the gas
If I wanted to get the weekend to myself.
The end was in sight
having decided I would write my own books.
Maybe someone would review my words?
Strange to meet yourself in a daydream
If pigs could fly, the book would be written by now.
Lying on the grass all afternoon,
hardly any wonder my mind gets bent out of shape.
I felt a sudden shift
as if the earth had decided to take off.
Surprise, I had fallen asleep
The sudden shift was finding myself
walking through the pages of my own fantasy
First published in 1966…

©anitadawes 2020

Surprise Christmas… #Poetry



Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Surprise Christmas

My granddaughters have decided

on a surprise Christmas

For their 73-year-old grandma

Good job they told me

where they were taking me

Pulling up outside the ice rink

I carried three cushions with me

One for my backside

One each for my elbows

A crash helmet for my head

I need to preserve

whatever grey matter I have left

what a sight I must have looked

with holly sticking out of my helmet

somehow, I managed to stay upright

on the thin blades they strapped to my feet…