Silent Sunday…

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

The last few days I have been in a finishing frenzy, getting closer than ever to writing those magical words, The End. I have just put down my pen and come up for some badly needed fresh air!

When I have finally finished, and before I start the editing, I need to visit the sea, just to feel a bit more normal…

Take a Pensioner to the Beach Day!

Image by piper60 from Pixabay

Despite what I said yesterday, I won’t be writing until later today.

I know, terrible timing and all that. But all my hints have paid off, and the family are taking me to the coast today. I haven’t seen the sea since last year, and I am desperate to breathe that salty air and feel the magic penetrate my bones. Could be warm enough for a paddle too, how about that!

Be happy for me, and I will post about it tomorrow…

Not so Silent Sunday…

I needed this!

Silent Sunday…

I need a little of the seas strength and inspiration today… You are welcome to share!

Special Sunday…

We finally made it to the sea yesterday.

The sun was shining but the wind was bitterly cold and I didn’t care.

I walked down to the surf and just stood there, allowing the sight, sound and smell of the sea do its magic.

All set for a fabulous week now!

( You are all welcome to enjoy the moment…)

Still… #Poetry

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I stand close enough to turn the tide

Arms open wide

I throw my words on to the wind

The fall like sand through open fingers

The tsunami came and went, unnoticed

The land stood still…

©anitadawes 2020


( This is the closest to heaven I am likely to get for a while… )


hayling 037.JPG

Hayling Island:  Image by Jaye Marie

hayling 035.JPG

Hayling Island :  Image by Jaye Marie

#Silent Sunday…


This is a kind of therapy for me but I need to hear these waves, smell the salt and feel the spray in my hair…
I feel better already!