A Weird Week…

Impossible, that’s Anita’s poem today, and that word sums up the week we have just had.

We are used to crazy and can tolerate a little madness (in short doses), but we haven’t seen weird around here for quite a while. We are exhausted, both mentally and physically, so will need a quiet weekend to process everything. (in other words, shove everything back into the right boxes!)

Wishing everyone a lovely peaceful weekend too, and we will be back on Monday!

Does anyone fancy a paddle?

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt ~ Mingle ~ #Poetry

Eugi’s Causerie Weekly Prompt – Mingle – May 27, 2021

I spiral into madness
A small walnut shaped being
I sprung forth from the leg of a lion
Fully grown
I spray the landscape in wonderful colours
Red and gold ribbons
A Dali moment
Patterns form, taking on a life of their own
Spreading across the land
joining in a great dance of madness
a joy that cannot be explained
the eye that watches over us
I disappear into my mind
I wait there, I watch
Wondering will I be found?

© Anita Dawes 2021