Longing… #Poetry



Image by Pixabay.com



I search distant lands for beauty

Sacred sites fill my eyes

Yet none remain in beauty

My feet cannot find

The image held in mind

I have no words to tell

From whence it comes

To haunt me

My heart so filled with longing

For beauty’s eyes to see me

When darkness comes

Her light surrounds me

I sleep in the arms of beauty

Morning light steals her from me

With hollow heart I continue

Must I die in search of beauty?

©Anita Dawes

This is Where I Want to be, Right Now!


Writing Inspiration

This magical photograph is of an actual place in Cornwall. I know because I have been there. I have stood beneath it, getting soaked to the skin and I have climbed up the rocks and stood looking down at the majesty that is moving thundering water. The sight and sound of it put something in my soul that I know wasn’t there before. It was a truly wonderful experience, and if I had the money I would move to Cornwall just to be near it. And I would have to go and experience Niagara Falls! (mind you, I may never come home again if I ever get there!)

If you ever feel a little bit worthless or a waste of space, and I believe a lot of us do feel that way sometimes, you need a place like this. You need to be able to see and feel something that you just know is stronger and more powerful than anything you have seen or felt before. Once you find it, you will be a different person, believe me. I always love to be near water, any kind of water. I wanted to live on a boat when I was growing up and it still appeals to me.

The first time I went to Cornwall I was not really prepared for just how much that County had to offer. Apart from all the quaint old villages, there were magical forests, wonderfully rugged beaches and coves, dramatic rock formations and inspiring scenery everywhere you looked. I have had more inspiring moments in Cornwall than just about anywhere else.

I need some of that inspiration round about now as I am still trying to finish PayBack, my current WIP. Getting to grips with the editing, but I have yet to reach that moment when the end is in sight. This story is something I have wanted to do for a long time now, and I am determined to try and get it right. One way or another I will get it right and get it done, but where is my inspiration at the moment?

I think it is back in Cornwall without me…

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