A Little in Love with Josh Gates… @joshuagates


Josh Gates

Josh Gates is an American television presenter, television producer and author. He was the host and co-executive producer of Destination Truth and Stranded on Syfy, and currently hosts and co-executive produces the Travel Channel series Expedition Unknown and also Legendary Locations. Wikipedia


If you like knowing about the history we walk on

You can do no better than watch Josh Gates Expeditions Unknown.

I have just finished watching all four series and have to say I am a little bit in love with this gentle bewhiskered bear of a man.

His wife is a very lucky woman.

I found it far more interesting than learning history at school, now I need to check out everything else he’s been up to.

He seems to be some kind of kindred spirit, loving the same things I do.

Making learning new things, fun. May he long continue.

Let me say, I am a great grandmother, so I’m not after his body. I am more attracted to the spirit of the man. Leaving me with the knowledge that humanity still manages to produce bright souls…

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