Milo, the Bonsai Cat…

I have no idea what he thinks he is doing, but this wasn’t what I had in mind.

He refuses to use the cat flap but loves to be outside. I didn’t expect him to be as naughty outside as indoors, but maybe that was wishful thinking! Already he has explored everything he can reach, although I caught him looking up at the wall, so maybe his world will get bigger with time.

Please ignore that rotten wall, I did paint it last year, honest!

21 thoughts on “Milo, the Bonsai Cat…

  1. -grin- Hi Milo! Cats are so…independent. I taught Buffa not to get up onto the kitchen counter/tables by using a squirt bottle filled with nothing but water. He absolutely hated it, and possibly me for a while, but none of my furbabies has ever misbehaved in the kitchen. You pick your battles. 🙂

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