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Hi SEers! Denise here to talk about one of the last steps before publishing—formatting.

Your manuscript is polished, a blurb is ready to go, the cover is eye-catching, and the blog tour is scheduled. All that is left is to get your book ready to upload to Amazon, Smashwords/Draft2Digitial, Apple, Barnes & Noble, or wherever you publish your books.

In the past, I’ve had companies do this step for me and been pleased with their work that included formatting and uploading the book—but it was pricey. So, I learned how to upload my own books but used a professional formatter. Still, this wasn’t an expense I needed, and I set out how to learn how to format a book.

The very first time out, I did okay. I used the Kindle Create app. All I had to do was upload my work. There was a learning curve along the way…

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