Macro Monday… and #Poetry

Image by Gaby from Pixabay 

A Butterfly Remembered

We fly, we dance, we live.
We are fleeting, our beauty remembered.
There is double power in reflection.
If you see us hovering over water
Make a wish, it will come true.
Foolish thought, you’re thinking.
How do you suppose I became this way?
My wish was to fly.
Here I am in blue splendour.
Before my time is up, I will wish again
To be as I was, with a life of a butterfly remembered…


Awww Mondays ~ Eugi’s Causerie ~ #Poetry

Awww Mondays – March 7, 20

Image by Juan D. from Pixabay
Magic moment, captured
On my mobile
To last forever
Unlike the fleeting
Life of a butterfly
Time will repeat the process
We shall see its beauty again…


Simply 6 Minutes Challenge ~ #Poetry

Most of us dream about flying
Yet painting one’s ears won’t cut it
It’s a weight ratio problem
A bit like the bumble bee
who shouldn’t be able to defy gravity?
No so lucky the elephant
Like those of us without wings
We can only dream
of defying gravity…


Simply 6 Minutes Challenge Note

#Flash Fiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry

January 7 Flash Fiction Challenge

Tiny stone pillars in a zen garden
A dedication to the God of magic
A seat in Heaven, solid, dependable
The fleeting beauty of a butterfly transcends the soul
As I sit, my mind is carried across rivers, seas, mountains
Until I reach Shangri-La
Here I stay a while conversing with a Tibetan Lama
His wisdom carries me home
Where the seeds he planted flourish
I can now take life by the horns
In a soft, more gentle manner
My heart as free as the butterfly
My legs as steady as the planted stones
In my own zen garden…

© Anita Dawes 2021