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Thursday photo prompt: Invitation #writephoto




Image by scvincent.com


Open Doors

My invite read, don’t past go, don’t collect 500 pounds

Go straight to the Pearly gates and have a word with St Peter

Start with the fact he is not doing his job well

The gates are open, any fool can walk in

What would God have to say about that?

I wanted to ask where my invitation had come from

Was he hiding some joker behind a cloud?

How come this piece of fancy card

became my passport through the Pearly Gates?

After I awoke from what I can only describe

as a mind meld, my dentist  looked at me strangely

Apparently, while I was coming too, I said,

“You can’t kick me out, I have too many questions for St Peter.”

I do have a few thoughts I would like to discuss with him

What can I say; maybe I need more gas and air

Take another trip…



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