99 Word #FlasheFiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Carrot Ranch Challenge




Vanishing Floppies

Life has a way of twisting around

like a stick of barley sugar

The cosmos handed me one that day

a while ago Jaye decided

to retrieve our floppies with a reader

She saved four out of twelve of my books

We took the remaining ones to our local shop

The boys there are brilliant, they saved five now

All on new shiny discs

So I only lost three of my books

Even so, I was devastated

They’re gone forever, to some floppy heaven

Thank God, Jaye now uses USB’s

and backs everything up

Technology, what can you say?


14 thoughts on “99 Word #FlasheFiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community

  1. Oh, the floppy pain of it all Anita! I didn’t lose books, but I had researched and drafted an early novel on a floppy disc. Oddly enough, I still have the paper journal of my very first attempt at noveling in 1980! Technology can be miraculous and frustrating all at once.

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