The Unexplained… #acrostic poetry

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay 

The Unexplained

Under lock and key
Nothing stays hidden.
Every mind needs to explore.
X marks the spot
Placing one foot in front of the other
Looking for the end of the rainbow
After thinking for a while
Instinct kicks in, the race is on
Notes taken, never looking back.
Every thought a treasure disappearing.
Down the rabbit hole where X marks the spot…


Anita must have been rummaging around in my brain when she wrote this poem. Sisters can do that sometimes, although never a good idea, in my opinion. My head is full of so many ideas and things that should have been done weeks ago that I cannot think straight any more. I think a lot, worry even more and have every good intention in the book, but nothing is forthcoming!

I tell myself to ignore everything else and just pick one thing and actually finish it. But then I need to make lunch, feed the cat or fix something…

I need to lock myself off in a quiet room and sort out an agenda. One that might actually work!

Jaye XX

Mindlovemisery Menagerie ~ Wordle #295 ~ #Poetry

A single key hung from the ceiling
The room filled with the colours of a rainbow
The church had been derelict for years
I was transported by a single thought
Suspicion rose like a frozen hand at my back
The mediums could be right 
about the curse on this old sacred place
No time to elaborate now
I shuffle forward the small distance towards the altar
Remembering the key above my head
After making the sign of the cross
I climbed on to the altar, snatching the key
Now all I needed was the keyhole
To find the treasure hidden in Rosslyn Chapel
My search continues, no keyhole as yet
I am not the kind to give up
I will find the book of St, Germaine…

To be continued


Silent Sunday… Away ~ #Poetry

Image by Smim Bipi from Pixabay ~ Poem by A Dawes

Away with the fairies
Back in time for tea
Anything you find must stay
Never fill your pockets with fairy treasure
Danger will stalk your life
Over the next year bad luck is yours
Never making the right choice, taking the right turn
Everything you do, crumbles
Dust is what your dreams are made of…