The Beast from the East!

snow collage.jpg

Day One

We have blue skies and sunshine today. A few snowflakes started falling just before lunch. Anita went for a walkabout and came back absolutely frozen!

They have been threatening us with some of the worst weather we have had for several years, but so far, all we have is just a light sprinkling of the white stuff. It is, however, bitterly cold.

I am lovely and warm in my office, catching up on jobs and thoroughly enjoying watching the weather through my window.

Day Two

We wake up to grey skies but no snow. It’s bitterly cold though. Latest news warns us that at 2 pm this afternoon, we can expect more snow. So we decide to wrap up warm and pop into town for emergency rations. Just in case!

Snow arrived as promised but barely enough to cover the ground, and melted away in no time at all!

Day Three

No snow today or the storm they warned us about, just another sunny but chilly day, brilliant excuse to catch up on my writing!

Day Four

The bedroom was freezing this morning and I didn’t really want to come out from under my duvet. I wondered what today had in store for us. Would the Beast from the East arrive today? They have forecast high winds and more snow, but after today, the weather is supposed to revert to normal. So if we are to have anything interesting to look at, it will have to be today. As I make my way downstairs, I notice the daylight seeping through the windows seems odd, almost glowing in the early morning gloom. When I pull up the blind in my office I can see that we do have snow. Not much, to be fair and it wasn’t that windy. It would appear that our version of the Beast has no teeth whatsoever.

I drink my first cup of tea, watching the world outside my window. Gusts of wind were starting to blow the snow from the roofs and snow was steadily falling, so it wasn’t over yet.

Day Five

The Beast was supposed to be gone today, but as usual, the forecasters were way off the mark. We are used to this, living in Petersfield, as we are close to the South Downs and they seem to protect us from the worst of the weather. We don’t get many thunderstorms either, something I really miss.

Just after lunch, it started snowing again, and this time it seems more determined to put on a show. It continues for the rest of the day, covering everything in sight…