#Small Bites ~ Floating #Poetry

Small Bites


Continued from Yesterday…

My cold body, floating through forest green

My soul reaching for the love I cannot hold

Before dying, my heart remembers his smile

Given to others

When a heart break more than once

Red shards are left behind

A path of sorrow

I warn no one to follow…



#Small Bites ~ Broken

small bites



Have you ever had one of those days

when you feel as though you are made of glass?

I am having one today.

I can feel small pieces slipping away as I walk

I am broken, disappearing slowly

I can almost see the pieces glistening behind me

like a trail of breadcrumbs.

Will someone follow and put me together again?


#Small Bites…

Small Bites.jpg


Would you give Lucifer mouth to mouth?

Should the need arise

While angels sit waiting for his demise…


#Small Bites… Fireflies…

small bites



A wicked wind is blowing

Fireflies are dancing

as if they don’t care

Their green light flashing

showing off, just as we do

from time to time

I will keep my light flashing

keep dancing until the end…


Smoke @ Mirrors… #Poetry


small bites


Smoke @ mirrors

I found Aladdin’s lamp today

I rubbed until my hand was sore

No genie did I find

Why do these stories haunt the mind

to think there is magic we can find

when all is nowt but puff and smoke…



#Small bites… #Poetry


Small Bites.jpg


Fortune Change

I met a lady at the fair

Let me tell your fortune, said she

I smiled and kept on walking

She stopped my steps with this,

“You have one number wrong on your ticket.”

I paid with silver,

she told me then, “turn the four into a five

to see your fortune thrive.”

With this, my bank account did swell…


#Small Bites… Storm Cloud #Poetry

small bites


Storm Cloud

Lightning struck through a dark cloud

like a bright smile

The wind howling like a beast in torment

My window shutter slamming

to the beat of my heart

Would my house remain standing

Or would I end up in Oz,

standing on the yellow brick road?


#Small Bites… Escape #Poetry

small bites



You cannot escape the beast inside your head

Even when you think it’s dead

He whispers seeds of doubt, of discontent

Until your light is finally spent

You fight the beast inside your head…


#Small Bites… A Good Day #Poetry

small bites


A Good Day

I need a tall shot of yesterday

it was like a fine red wine,

kissed by the sun…



#Small Bites ~ Changes #Poetry


small bites

small bites



Each time a child is born

there is a new ripple in time.

An old soul has re-entered the Universe.

Changes are afoot…