Haunting Secrets… #Poetry

Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay 
Colour of moonlight in her eyes, haunting secrets, half hidden
Overshadowed by tears held back, she has my heart
Nearer to death, she walks through fire
The flames don’t touch her
Quick as lightning, she runs ahead of dark storms
Under moonlight, I watch her swim through the milky way
Every beat of my heart, calls for her to stay
Return home, the door is open, I wait
Overnight, the many prayers I whisper swim towards her
Rushing through my days, eager for evening
Stars appear, I wait…


Falling… #Poetry

Image by Simon from Pixabay ~ Poem by A Dawes

Falling out of love I find
Opportunities I thought lost
Understanding what to do, however
Nothing I could think of helps
Drowning is how I felt
Always the same feelings repeated
Too late, you lost me
In moonlight I sleep
On wings of white I fly late at night
Nearer to you, before we fall out of love…


Another wonderfully sad, heartbreaking poem from Anita!

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge

Somehow, we have come up with two haiku this week, and I quite like the first one best…