Magic Circle ~ For Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry

March 19: Flash Fiction Challenge


March 19, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a rabbit on the roof. Or many rabbits. Why are they there? Explain the unexpected, go into any genre. Go where the prompt leads!



Magic Circle

Humans, what can you do with them?

The Great Bandini, my whiskers

Has overbooked the children’s party

Leaving my cage door open

So I am off, freedom awaits.

White fur, big ears, not so easy to hide

Wait for the fool

to open the door, load his van,

take my chance in the great outdoors

I need to get higher

The roof looks good

From here I can see the lay of the land

And look for my own kind

How did I get on the roof?

You may ask?

I cannot tell you, that’s magic,

don’t you know…

©anitadawes 2020

Worn Out Shoes…


Image by brisch27 from Pixabay

My husband wore his shoes out at an alarming rate, as if they were made of paper.

He always had holes in the middle of his soles.

I tried to convince him that rubber soles would last longer, but he insisted on leather.

One afternoon, waiting in the repair shop, an elderly gentleman standing beside me leaned over and said, ‘The owner of those shoes will never be rich. It’s real bad luck to have a man like that.’

Turns out that gentleman was right.

As for myself, I wear comfortable shoes that don’t wear out, they grow old like me…


©anitadawes 2020



99 word #Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry

February 13: Flash Fiction Challeng


99 words, no more, no less. It’s a simple constraint, an easy-to-master literary art form, and a powerful writing tool for creatives and entrepreneurs. Writers calibrate the usefulness and beauty of 99-words through weekly flash fiction challenges.

February 13, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes a sugar report. Use its original meaning of a letter from a sweetheart to a soldier, or invent a new use for it. Go where the prompt leads!




A letter I found inside a second hand book

From a nine-year-old called Charlotte

Addressed to Santa dated 1976

Dear Santa, I don’t need any toys

Or new clothes this year

I need help to make my daddy better

He’s been sick a long time

And mummy is very worried

Doctor said we have to wait

For daddy to get better

Mummy prays,

because she does not think he can.

She said I should pray

I try hard, please help, love Charlotte

With Santa’s magical delivery in one night

I hoped that Charlotte’s request for help

was answered somehow…

©anitadawes 2020

#FlashFiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry


September 26: Flash Fiction Challenge

Prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about someone unremembered. Is it a momentary lapse or a loss in time? Play with the tone — make it funny, moving, or eerie. Go where the prompt leads you!


I cannot think of anyone forgotten to me

I am sure if I walk around my local graveyard

There would be so many forgotten souls

With no living relatives to lay flowers

I will lay a flower on a few bare graves

as I pass through to show they’re remembered

I asked a Jewish neighbour years ago

Why no flowers on their graves?

They don’t like to kill anything

They leave a stone to say someone has visited

I thought I might like to do that

Find a bare headstone, take a small pebble

Place it there with love…


99 word Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry


99 words, no more, no less. It’s a simple constraint, an easy-to-master literary art form, and a powerful writing tool for creatives and entrepreneurs. Writers calibrate the usefulness and beauty of 99-words through weekly flash fiction challenges.

Carrot Ranch is a dynamic online literary community for those practicing craft, reading stories and discussing process. Charli Mills is the lead buckaroo who hosts challenges, guest blogs, and an annual multi-contest called the Flash Fiction Rodeo.


September 5, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that shows true grit. You can use the phrase or embody the theme. Who or what has true grit? Go where the prompt leads you!


True Grit (or Determination)

Over the years I have noticed

How many members of my family

Grit their teeth when trying hard

To achieve their goal

I tend to do this when getting angry

My teeth grit, my jaws clench

Muscles moving, trying not to let out words

I could not take back

I have seen a young woman

Eyes bulging, teeth gritted

Trying desperately to move her car out of harm’s way

A lot of teeth are getting worn down by determination

I did wonder why no one offered to help

Maybe they worried about their teeth

Do you do the same?

©Anita Dawes


Small Bites.jpg



I have read many accounts of Solomon’s treasure

You can keep it all, I care not for gold, rubies or relics

I would give my soul for the ring given by God

You can keep the box God is said to have sat on

Between the two golden angels

Give me the ring and I will right the future…


#Flights of Fancy ~ Winds… #Poetry

flights of fancy.jpg



Ancient nymphs and dancing girls

I will conjure thee

Helped by age old winds

Treasures held for far too long

Buried beneath the paths you walk

Ask and it shall be given

Dig and you shall find is better

Gold buries way back in time

By those who fled the battle royal

Buried beside hedgerows

Where morning glories greet the early riser

Treasures at his feet…


How to Help…



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How to Help

Trapped in silence, in a world not my own.

Golden castles on purple lawns, trees with leaves of blue beneath

Pink clouds on navy skies, with orange stars like staring eyes

Golden bridge leads to clock tower bright, beyond the castle gate,

Through shining castle walls she stands,

Her heart beats in frozen time inside her flowing gown

Eyes that search for hands to touch, to take from wizards spell,

Her body that he snatched, held inside a rock of old

A doorstep now to his castle black, quantum leap I need,

 As I watch children play under midnight skies

They sing of a time when their golden castle will return

To bricks and mortar, with a queen they can touch.

I cannot find a way to help. In silence held by wizard’s spell

To echoes beyond golden castles gate…





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These hollow walls, tales unfold

Time trapped in memory

Time ticks on, murders unsolved

Death awaits those who live here

Psychic band of travellers step inside

Woman’s bones they find

 Beside her, small bones wrapped in cloth

How long they waited to see the light

The world to know of their plight

Father’s shame, for daughter’s sin

He lay beneath the wooden boards

Blessings now they say are held

Tears to send sweet souls to freedoms day

How many souls lie trapped in hollow walls?


February’s Speculative Fiction Prompt from


Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 22.22.55


Snow Storm

Molly the elephant lay dreaming

of a snowstorm, a blue dolls house stuck in a tree.

Tiny white mice huddled there on the roof.

“Fear not, I will set you free…”

She pushed and shoved with all her might

The tree held fast to mice and house.

A voice was heard from high above

“There is no need to shake with all your might

The mice can climb upon your back

to safety, you can carry.”

All night she trudged through deepening snow

the morning light was waking slow.

The blue house stood to the right

windows burning bright beneath the tree of evergreen.

Her family waking, lived outside.

Her dream she told, her mother smiled,

“There are no mice outside this house…”