Bee in the Celandines

Posted on by Louise Bunting

For day 286 of 365 Days Wild I decided to add another bee drawing to my collection. I also popped out to collect a small handful of the Celandines that are flowering on the grass verges around the village. As always, I only pick a flower from a patch where are lots of them, and only one from each patch. The bees need them more than I do.

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Anita’s Artwork!



I am running through the universe

Skipping over rainbows, swinging from the stars

Swimming in the Milky Way.

Going around in circles in our spiral Galaxy

Where my life once began.

I am flung into the Cosmos where life is still growing

Worlds beginning anew.

Should I choose to live again,

Earth would still be my first call…


Poem and Artwork: “A Happy Accident” by Anita Dawes