#Writephoto ~ Otherwordly #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Otherworldly #writephoto



Image by scvincent.com

For visually challenged writers, the image shows an opening between boulders, through which a rocky plateau can be seen, half hidden by mist.

Speak of Us

Green grey boulders

Washed together by an ancient ice melt

A great place to sit and meditate

Through the small window to the world outside

Mist rolling in towards me

What hides behind, teasing my mind?

Do I step from the safety of the solid walls?

To venture, to answer the voice calling

Are the words only in mind?

We need your help.

I hear the beating of wings as the mist clears

I see her, the black dog standing beside her

Come no further, lest you be lost

To a land long forgotten

Angels, heroes, long fallen into dust

They speak of us no longer

We are fading as the mist

Where so few feel us linger

Waiting to be remembered

Do you recognise the black dog?

Do you know who he once walked beside?

We ask that you speak of us

Tell them we live in the mist

If one would give voice, we can be called back…

©anitadawes 2020





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