Dark Water… #Poetry


Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay


Dark Water

Standing on the edge of the abyss

Dark river below

Mind questioning

Do I, don’t I jump

See what lies on the other side

For a moment it was like flying

Before the dark water cradled my body

My mind caught in a vortex

Why am I not dead?

Am I to remain trapped?

In watery darkness for eternity?

Did my soul take the leap?

Is my body standing, looking over the abyss?

Can each live on, separate

Is my body empty of all it once knew

Will my soul journey on?

Learn more than the world knows today

Will I come back to my body with new ideas?

Changing myself, the world I will then inhabit

Would it be better to remain?

in the soft womb like darkness

Free from pain, decision

If I am to know, I must fight my way back…


12 thoughts on “Dark Water… #Poetry

  1. Sometimes darkness is relieving and it’s just easier to lie in that soft womb. It’s also kind of reassuring, ’cause you know what to expect. But, thing is, that, in the end, fighting it back is much more satisfying 😉

    I really loved your poetry!

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