#Writephoto ~ Entrance #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Entrance #writephoto



For visually challenged writers, the image shows the green and rocky landscape, with a path leading up to a dark-mouthed cave.


Is the mind always tempted by darkness?

Why do we want to know what hides within?

The dark mouth of a cave asking me,

daring me to enter. An unknown portal waiting

To whisk my body and mind to a strange land

To visit new dimensions is inviting

My own private time machine

Would that I had HG to accompany me

I might brave the undergrowth, enter the darkness

I found myself staring at the stone form of a tiny wizard

with a man-like pendant around his neck

A good luck charm to ward off evil

His arm pointed towards the cave

It seems even the rocks are telling me

To see what lies within.

I feel like a strange version

Of my favourite cartoon character

Pepe Le Pew

The only difference I have

Is a yellow streak down my back

I think it is time to go home, leave the time travelling

To HG Wells…

©anitadawes 2020

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  2. So cute Anita. Pepi le Pew, wow, there’s an old one! Fyi, I always share with a tweet when I come here, but your tweet button (along with many other blogs) just won’t work for me so I don’t believe you see the tags. 🙂 x

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