#BlogBattle ~ Bucket #Poetry




They say at my age of 85

The days of wine and roses are over

They may be right, however

I live ten minutes from the beach at Southend

Each day I insert myself into the world

I sit with my toes in the sand

Watching people with their children

Playing let’s bury dad

This it seems, leads to a great deal of laughter

I count the days lucky

When a stranger stops to speak awhile

A gift from the Universe

This morning, I have risen extra early

I want to see the sunrise

With luck, I will have the beach to myself

As I walk barefoot along the sand

I am drawn towards two abandoned blue buckets

Sandcastles forgotten, weekend trippers

Long gone home

I sit holding one of the buckets

With no spade to fill it, I use my hand

I turn it over and instantly felt transported

As if by a time machine to my 8-year-old self

The first time standing on sand

The sight of the sea, so large

I remember thinking it had no end

It was rolling away from me to touch the sky

I know better now, as I wait for the sunrise

Wondering how many more I can fit into my life

Before I am called to that blue hour I see before me…


13 thoughts on “#BlogBattle ~ Bucket #Poetry

  1. Another thought provoking piece. The desire to see the sunrise, and then revisiting a childhood memory, meld together nicely in contemplation of life and youth. Knowing that ‘final sunset’ comes closer after each sunrise is a reality we should probably stay more aware of. Nice job once again!

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  2. A deep concept tackling aged people and touching when they were young. Getting old with memories behind and less time in front is quite a scary thing to ponder. In teen years life extends decades ahead, with time those decades dwindle to the end. Great stuff ladies and truly thought provoking!

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