A Slip in Time… #Poetry




Image by Pixabay.com



I find myself lost in a wonderland and time

Wrapped in old magic, a kiss to the mind

To be lost in such a world is like being reborn

My heart knew this world to be free of darkness

Washed with strange things, the eyes seek to find more

Every fruit you have ever eaten, grown on one large tree

Rivers run with ever changing rainbow colours

Feathered friends whistle by, their metallic colours flashing

Flowers bow their heads in morning greeting

Rain falls around you, watering the ground

Nurturing this strange place

I see a house beyond the woods with diamond glow

Dare I knock, find who lives here?

My heart beats so hard,

I thought the occupant heard my approach

The golden feathered knocker lifted, banged down once

Before I could reach my hand to it

For a moment I believed the door opened by itself

For I saw only a bright light

I closed my eyes in silent prayer

Please let there be a friend standing there

On opening my eyes, my mouth flew wide

Her hair of gold like a summer corn field

Grew to her waist, her eyes a mixture of blue and green

Her smile welcoming, her beauty would wear no words

I seem to be lost, I said in a voice I hardly recognized

“You are exactly where you need to be.

Welcome, you are in time for tea.”

Would food be as I remembered?

I stepped inside and it feels like home…