Trapped… #Poem



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I am trapped inside a strangers dream,

No escape until she wakes. She knows my mind

 My thoughts echo to the double heartbeat

She dreams of wizards, witches, elves,

Nothing I am interested in

Her dream changes as she leaves the woods.

A dark cavern envelopes us,

Strange faces whisper close

Instructions given I cannot quite hear

She stirs, moans, whispers

I cannot do it; she is too hard to hold

Is she talking about me? I hope not

When she wakes, will I be back in my own head?

I scream, thinking of ways to wake her

Nothing works, she sleeps on no dreaming

I am stuck here waiting until morning

A thought enters my mind as I too fall asleep

Is she dreaming me?


2 thoughts on “Trapped… #Poem

  1. I like this one in so many ways, Anita. First of all the imagery is perfectly dreamlike. The idea of being trapped in someone else’s dream would be a great idea for a longer story, And the last line is such a great twist. Loved it!

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