Last week there was a welcome chink in the awful weather we have been having. The sun made a stunning come-back and actually came out!
A quick inspection of my bonsai revealed the emergence of tiny green buds and the sweetest of cherry blossom on one of them. This inspired me to do a bit of gardening for I am always surprised at this time of year at how much suddenly needs to be done. How can this be, I think, Mother Nature has been asleep for months and the minute she starts to wake up, everything needs tidying up?


Anyway, for a day or two I enjoyed myself. No writing was done; it was like having a mini holiday, sneaked when no one was looking. Sadly it didn’t last long. Soon the rain returned and brought cold cruel winds with it, so it was time to return to the keyboard which welcomed me back like an old friend.
Mother’s Day came and went, a day I’m not too fond of as I haven’t been one for such a long time now and it wasn’t the best of times. I don’t need any reminders of that time either, really I don’t. But Anita is still very much a mother, surrounded by her offspring, so it is a ritual we solemnly observe, marked by a family get together and dinner for which I had planned a glorious roast, like always. Only to have a plaintive request from youngest grand daughter, ‘Could we possibly have a meat pie?’
Well, I don’t mind what I cook, and everyone else liked the idea, so it was humble meat pie for Mother’s Day dinner.

Not much progress to report on the editing, though I seem to have been doing a lot of work on it.  This involved an awful lot of back tracking, so thank God for the Windows ability to ‘find’ things making names, sequences and dates so much easier to find.
Just when I was deep in the swing of things, the printer ran out of black ink, and guess what, every other colour in the box but not one black. Why had I not noticed that before? So no more printing until supplies arrive.

I have been having as much fun as I can handle without actually screaming with the shenanigans  going on on both my desktop and laptop. I use both of them, depending on where I am and what I need to do. Quite complicated for me, as one runs on Windows 7 (soon to be phased out!) and the other on Windows 8.  Why on earth are they so bloody different? What were they thinking?
So now I am being nagged to get Windows 10. I thought progress was supposed to make life better; at least that’s what I have always assumed. Apparently, I have until January 2020  before Windows 7 dies a death, so it might just be possible to finish PayBack and get it published before blowing my brain into the outer hemisphere!


Against my better judgement, I have begun a sort of a countdown to my birthday on May 2nd. Never thought I would make it this far and it seems significant to me although I’m not sure why. I really don’t feel that old, but in just 27 days I will be 75 years old. (or young!)
I have been on this planet a long time, years full of all those people and things I have loved and hated, endured and enjoyed, lost and found. Most of them all gone now and barely remembered. Perhaps that’s what is supposed to happen as you get older, things fade away or get forgotten. Best thing for most of it, I say.


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  1. All that’s going to happen with Windows 7 in 2020 is that Microsoft will no longer issue ‘security patches’ and updates for the software. So, if you have a decent anti-virus program installed you should be good to go for a while yet. 😀

    Funnily enough because W7 is still so popular, and actually gaining more users, Microsoft will be offering what they’re calling, ‘Windows 7 Extended Security Updates’ … for a fee, of course for a fee, and only for Office 365 users who are in the midst of migrating from W7 to 365 – which is the definition of idiocy, but that’s the tech world for you.

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