#Writephoto ~ Decisions

Thursday photo prompt: Decisions #writephoto


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Image from scvincent.com



Where you are going, isn’t as important as the journey

Places you find along the way, people you stop to talk to

That one odd shoe by the wayside, what happened to the other?

The unexpected gift of companionship while eating lunch

A stranger taking time to talk to me

Telling me, I should visit the church of Mary Magdalene

‘You may find something you lost while you’re there.’

I thanked my visitor, deciding to take a look

A tiny church on the edge of a green field

Inside, the colour from the stained glass windows

Stole my breath, I had walked into a rainbow

I felt the warmth, a greeting.

I sat awhile and could think of nothing I had lost

Until I came across an old wooden sign post

Blank on all three sides

Until then, I was comfortable ambling along

Now I felt lost, with nothing to point the way

As I choose my destination, a song came to mind

I’m on the road to nowhere, what will I find?

What kind of story will I take home?

Will I return from an unknown destination?

Fanciful thinking there will be a town or village somewhere

After walking a while, I could see no rooftops, no steeple

Looking back towards the signpost, I could not see it.

Had I walked myself into the other side of time?

I had to keep walking, believing I would find something

Not a brand new signpost, each pointer leading somewhere

I could not read, the language was one I had not come across

My inner voice told me to turn back, away from this forgotten field

Each step became heavy, full of worry

I gave a sigh of relief, seeing the pub in the distance

Once inside I asked the landlord about the new signpost

He said there was only the old one, my lovely

Hold on, I said, I can show you. I took a shot with my phone

but scanning through, I found nothing.

I know it was there, I touched it, smooth, warm from the sun

I can still feel it on the palm of my hand…


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