Angry Pen…




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Angry Pen

On Tintagel’s rugged shores, Arthur has returned.

Molten bronze, larger than when in life

He should not be there.

He lives in fantasy, a story loved by millions

For many, Tintagel is a sacred space

It should be held that way for the future.

What is English Heritage thinking of?

Money, more tourists to take away the magic

The majesty that is Cornwall.

Personally, I cannot speak about

The face carved on the cliff wall

This does not represent the might that is Merlin

His magic is in every rock,

Every wave that washes across the shore

These are the things that live in time,

Never to be forgotten

Tintagel should be left wild, as he is.

Go to the beach late at night as Jaye, and I have done

Sit awhile, feel the raw energy

The dark caves whisper, I am still here…


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