Tears… #Poetry




When the road ahead is broken

Matching the cracks in your heart

Tears will not mend the way you feel.

There is only one thing to do

Take that deathly pill and leave this world of sorrow

You wonder as you lay drifting to another world

Will anyone miss me?

Harsh words with a loved one led you here

Misunderstanding you didn’t wait to hear

You drift into darkness, waiting for the light that never comes

You hear voices of loved ones, some crying

Others saying how foolish you have been

His words were never meant to hurt you

The way you understood them

You do not want to hear it, a more

Pressing thought occupies your mind.

How to get out of the darkness.

Where is the light to take you to another life?

Suddenly you are thrown from this tunnel of darkness

A priest stands waiting for you outside the church

The windows glowing, voices singing

Happiness lives inside.

Are you here to help me, you ask

Your voice merely a whisper

I am here to take you to Hell, child

For the sin of ending your life…

©Anita Dawes

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