Photo prompt round-up: Way-stone #writephoto

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Which way to travel
Every choice may lead you home
Eternal questions
Knowing only one answer
Follow the path of your heart


The photo for this week’s prompt was taken one cold and windy morning in Shillito Wood, on the edge of the moors near Sheffield. The way-marker is a medieval cross, thought to have been placed there by the monks of Beauchief Abbey, which was founded in the twefth century and remained a monastic house until it was dissolved in 1537. Parts of the Abbey still survive, now serving as a parish church, and it was in the old Abbey grounds that we had a magical encounter with a stag at Hunter’s Moon. There is the base of another cross close by, and the Fox Lane Cross still marks the pathway across the moors, as well as raising a few questions of its own.

It took…

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