Weekly #Poetry Challenge #ThemePrompt


Here we are for another #TankaTuesday poetry challenge! Are you ready for a theme prompt? Anita Dawes selected this month’s theme:

What Do You Wish For? Image from Pixabay.com

good wish
just the one
across the globe
all minds work as one
no more tears at bedtime
no child crying in hunger
why not join the wish train today?
give the world a hug, with one good wish…


Just 15 Days to Go!

It has been a while since we ran a book tour, and since diving into the one for Ghost of a Chance, I am constantly surprised by how complicated it is.

I repeatedly wish I had started much earlier, as time is passing at an alarming speed, and I never seem to get everything necessary done.

It would help if I didn’t keep wanting to improve what I thought was already in the bag. Like yesterday, I decided that the assigned blurb for Ghost of a Chance simply wasn’t good enough.

Then I discovered the book file was the wrong font size. Yesterday was also Sunday, a family dinner day, so I was very busy trying to wear several different hats simultaneously. Something that used to be fun, but lately, not so much.

To round off my Sunday nicely, I then looked at my personal bio! (shock horror!)

I am fast becoming a one-job-at-a-time person…

Wish me luck?

The West Wind… #Poetry

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay
Come find me
Take the wildflowers from my eyes
Let me run with the west wind
Find the source of dreams
The kind that come true
Bring back a bag full
Drop them on sleeping eyes
A Christmas gift from the cosmic winds
Call me foolish, I know happy dreams
make for a happy world to live in
That’s the world I wish
For my great granddaughter
To grow in, to dream in
My work is done
Knowing her dreams will come true
For the heart I leave behind…

© Anita Dawes 2021