Unborn, Again… #Poetry



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In a blink of an eye

My life was gone, another standing by

The face the same.

My thoughts too strange

No name as yet, I am unborn.

A mother waits somewhere below

If only someone would let me go

A life I would lead, I would give them hell

For having broken my soul in two.

I will strike them once, they will know

I am back to take what’s mine

To send them all down below.

Heaven is empty, they still don’t know

The only fire burning

Is the one we lit so long ago…

©Anita Dawes

#Poetry: The Lake…



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Crystal Lake will grant all you seek

Careful how you speak

Souls that drowned far back in time

Live not so far below the waters shine

Ball lightning writes your name on rock

They will call again to claim new time

To walk the ground they walked before

Their need is strong, don’t linger too long

State your wish at water’s edge

Turn three times, then walk away

Don’t look back.

©Anita Dawes

#Short Titbits: Soldiers



When soldiers march across the bridge

Vibrations take the bridge away

All is lost and soldiers fall

How will they win the war today?

©Anita Dawes

#Poetry: Water Sprite




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A water sprite born long ago

Made from starlight and melted snow.

A child lies ill, not far away

With waters memory, she will play

To wash away each tiny tear.

Her leg so twisted, now undone

The child is well and out to play.

The water sprite has far to go

So many voices calling please please

Will someone help me, I am in need

A healing prayer sent on the wind

Melted snow is carried far

To wash each laden tear…

©Anita Dawes

#Poetry: Turning…




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As the world spins, I travel backward

Searching, never finding all I lost

New things pop out of me

I take a second look, they hold no comfort

Old things suit me best, it’s you I need

To keep the glue in place

I travel further back in time

Returning to where I started

Until it’s me I find…

©Anita Dawes

#Flash Fiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community


(99 words, no more, no less)

I am your ghost, your past. I walk before you on thorny pathways so you shall not walk the path of sorrow.  You shall not see the things I have.

You are ten years old now, so blow out your candles and let loose those balloons with all their wishes attached.

I have received them now; your wishes made from your past come true, they have come to pass. Soon I shall re-join you when adult paths you reach, until then, I collect every balloon and every wish you make.

I wait in shadows until we are one again …

© 2018 Anita Dawes

The River Runs…


No Hope

The river runs so deep, my Lord
I know I cannot cross.
Without your love to guide me home
I fear my soul is lost.

When darkness comes and I’m alone
and demons dance and shout
The trees throw shadows on the ground
And evil walks about.

I see no lights to guide me home
Where did my love go wrong.
I need to feel so safe
And know that I belong.

A place where fear cannot come in
A place that is too strong.
And smiling faces greet you there
Don’t make me wait too long.

It’s Heavens light that I see now
A place where I might go
So Father, take my hand
I am ready now, I know.
Anita Dawes




I walk among the dead of yesterday
A willing prey.
Unholy voices fill the air
with shattered hopes they linger
ever deeper in despair
I sit alone beside an empty chair.

In the darkness soft and sweet
With fear and sweat upon my brow
all my sins of yesterday I meet
and stand before you empty now.

Heavenly Angels, take my hand
And lead me to your promised land
Help me to find the love I seek
which Jesus left for us to keep…
Anita Dawes

These poems were written a long time ago, in 1979, long before I started to write books. I have been thinking of trying my hand at them again…